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Гаджет для контроля бдительности для водителя the Proposed device is a wireless headset to Android device or iPhone. The development objective is to monitor the state of the driver by identifying patterns in the speed of his blink and purity of the movement. If the device detects a deceleration of the velocity of movement of the eyeballs, prodolzhytelnoy closing the eyes, or increased frequency of blinking, it sends a powerful vibration, comparable in strength with a slight push. These signals clearly indicate the need to stop and rest.

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The idea is that with the protective film the phone remained intact when dropped. Film is made of a unique polymer that can absorb up to 80% of energy upon impact. Film pasted on the screen of the phone, its thickness 0.029, see the Touch sensors of the phone will work as good as before.

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умная одежда с 3D «форточками»

The idea is that if the dress had built-in sensors associated with Intel. Sensors determine when the body starts to sweat or when the body temperature rises, or when the body produces adrenaline stress. At this point, open micro pores. They have the ability to be expanded and narrowed according to need. This type of clothing will fit to the athletes.

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The idea is that with the help of the projector can be reproduced in different forms, not only photos but also video - audio. A significant advantage of this gadget is that it can be used anywhere. Only needed a smooth bright surface and a dark room. It can be used to make a presentation, to diversify a lecture or lesson graphic content, watch a movie on the train.

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The idea is that would the charger worked on solar energy. It consists of two panels with a capacity of 2500мА, inside is a lithium polymer battery. On both sides of the solar panels, power consumption max 3 W.

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