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18-01-2016, 22:10

The lamp is a normal lamp with a small capacity, light from which is distributed on the transparent plate. This plate should be placed directly on the page of the book that should be read in the dark.

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17-01-2016, 12:40

The world's first mass-produced, retro-reflective bike that provides high security of night riding due to the special coating of the frame, reflected in Sveti car.

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16-01-2016, 22:10

The idea is that a new type of car seats had built-in sensors that monitor the purity of heart rate of the drivers. In cases of sleep internal system uses data to send a warning to the driver in the form of a signal. If the driver ignores the warning, then the technology itself includes the cruise control and the motion system on one strip and sends the information to the control center.

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