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22-12-2016, 12:38

In the United States stated that the most popular Russian social network VK (Vkontakte) contributes to the dissemination of materials that violate copyrights. It is reported ONLINE.UA with reference to TASS. The list of pirate websites was published on Wednesday, December 21, the office of the US representative at trade negotiations in the Cabinet rank (USTR). The black list included such Russian websites like VK, Rutracker.org and Rapidgator.org, a book Libgen website and the website of sound MP3VA.com that, according to the report, located on the territory of Russia. Read also: Cybercrimes in Ukraine covered the work of the most famous pirate site social network VK presented in the report as "one of the most popular websites in the world and extremely popular social network in Russia and neighboring countries" and noted that it contributes to the dissemination of materials that violate copyrights. The Executive assistant USTR Probir Mehta admitted that "there is a marked improvement," in particular, he noted that "Vkontakte" have concluded a licensing agreement with major record companies and has taken steps to limit the possibility of other applications for downloading protected content.
Source: news.online.ua/762861/v-ssha-populyarneyshuyu-rossiyskuyu-sotsset-priznali-piratskoy/
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20-12-2016, 19:51
In the creation of aircraft participated, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France and Saudi Arabia.
December 20 in Kiev introduced a new transport aircraft "Antonov" an-132D. To be precise, it is a demonstration model of the an-132. The so-called plane demonstrator for the presentation of technical innovations - reports hromadske.ua
"We are confident that this plane has a great future. We are confident that he has the market 260-290 aircraft to 2035."
Petro Poroshenko, President Of Ukraine
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Last year, the plant "Antonov" has signed a number of agreements with Saudi Arabia on the supply of the mentioned aircraft from 2017. There are plans to launch a joint design and manufacture of aircraft factory in Saudi Arabia, where the planned serial production of the an-132.

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18-12-2016, 20:19

The Japanese company Trend Micro, which specializes in is the creation of computer security, said the threats may lie in wait users in 2017.
In Trend Micro said that cyber criminals are constantly developing and uses in its activities the most advanced technology, so cyber security is simply obliged to go to a new level next year.
Trend Micro predicts the emergence of new methods of attacks on large corporations, the expansion of the tactics of an online extortion that will affect an increasingly wide range of devices, and the application of methods of cyberbroadband to manipulate public opinion.
Experts also note that the attackers will turn their attention to hacking the "Internet of things and industrial Internet of things". The attack on this area will be quite profitable.
It's interesting
46% of the most popular sites deemed dangerous
46% of the most popular sites deemed dangerous
Analytical Меnlо Security company reported that 46% of the million most popular sites are dangerous.
Trend Micro warns users of Apple and Adobe. The company believes that kiberprestupniki will pay special attention to them, because the attacks on them have increased in 2016.
Another major threat experts believe the fraudulent use of corporate email. The company also foresee a threat to the gain of cyberromance. 
Source: kommersant
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18-12-2016, 20:09

Many people think that the Internet, especially on their pages in social networks, you can write anything you like and nothing wrong with that. It really is a naive idea. Everything You write can be used against You.
Online many people is often perceived as a space of absolute freedom: you can do everything and you for that nothing will happen. However, this statement is every year more and more meaningless. There are many cases when incorrect behavior in the network cost to people's career, business, freedom, reputation, or even other more important things.
The answer to the question about what you can do on the Internet can be quite quick — everything. Only when it is necessary to clearly understand the consequences of their actions and to realize that to hide in today's Internet without special knowledge and specialized programs will fail. In other words, the anonymity of the Internet there and here, as nowhere else, the assertion: "all that you say, write, "lignite" or comment can be used against you."
Online so terrible as he is painted
More recently, social networks have allowed registration on the pages of users over the age of 13. However, the children end up online much earlier, so that the requirement on age in social networks is softened. Internet children may perceive as an area of complete lack of control and not to think about the consequences of chatting with strangers or downloading unknown apps. However, modern adults also not particularly trained nor security, nor the rules of conduct on the Internet. All this leads to the fact that users of the Network, young and adults make many mistakes, for which some of them have to pay.
It is unlikely that Ivan Kaspersky, son of Eugene Kaspersky, developer of one of the most well-known anti-virus software, I thought that publishing on the Internet ' his work will lead to his kidnapping. The attackers, who demanded that the virus-older $800 million for his son, figured out the route to Ivan for publication in the network "Vkontakte" and knew exactly where it would be easiest to kidnap.
Placement of information about your schedule and on the short trips are the cause of many robberies. In response to this, a special website Please rob me http://pleaserobme.com/, whose name translates as "Please Rob me". On the website you can find the Twitter user, and then using Foursquare to check if now. The authors of the project wanted to draw attention to the fact that people too much to tell about myself in social networks. So many that it can use even cat burglars.
Messages about his whereabouts, home address, primary phone number and other information, which can be called personal information should not appear in open access on the Internet. The combination of these information (location + message about a vacation or phone + address) can become a tool in the hands of various scams.
A trove of compromising pictures and rash statements
A year ago, was dismissed four police officers from Odessa — for remarks on social networks in the period of Euromaidan. Then people unrelated to the police and the public service, made statements that, put the dry language of the documents "contradict the moral and ethical qualities of the Ukrainian law enforcers". Apparently, at some time, they were placed on the pages of the records in which has expressed disagreement with the events on the Maidan. Now no one will know, did they change their opinion, and even wrote it all the police themselves or someone else. Result for recording from two years ago people were fired from work.
Two more stories about beautiful girls, affected by their online activity. "The most beautiful police of Ukraine" Lyudmila Milevich was not ready for close attention to his personality in the first days of the new police force. And when users and online media began to publish photos of Ludmila in bikini on the resorts of Egypt, the girl was going to delete their accounts and disappear from online. While there is nothing wrong with these photos was not: tens of thousands of such images publishes a lot of other women.
Very recent history freshly baked, Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Anastasia Deev whose Nude photos literally filled the Ukrainian segment of the Internet. Some of her photographs was discovered in the cache of Google search engine (the place where up to six months stored information removed from the Internet). Others, according to the Deev was either kidnapped, or saved by some criminals who just like an ACE from the sleeve, pulled them out and presented to the public.
The photos in the Nude or political statements — this is only part of the errors faced by users in social networks. There are many examples of how statements in social networks has cost people jobs and careers. For example, a judge from the Russian Ulan-Ude was fired for posting pictures with a bottle of vodka. No one was interested, that photo was taken while on vacation. The owner of a pizzeria in France fired the waitress in Facebook complained about particularly annoying customers. And the community of a small American town fired the Sheriff failed to make a joke online about the fact that he recently "hooked on wheels and grass". The elders of that city is considered such a statement is unworthy a position where you need to enforce the laws.
The Greek athlete Paraskevi Papahristu is excluded from the national team in athletics in 2012 because it allowed myself racist remarks on Twitter. During the Olympics in London, there were several similar cases, but in Rio, the athletes were more restrained.
The dismissal of a stewardess of "Aeroflot" for appearing on her page "Vkontakte" photo — probably the most obvious example of how to suffer unjustly because of social networking. In a profile of a girl someone posted a photograph of the cabin and the hands of a stewardess with indecent gesture. Photo did not injured, the aircraft was not "Aeroflot", and the photo posted by another person, while the owner of the profile was. However, this story was worth the girl weaning from flights and lengthy proceedings at the level of top management.
To continue the list of examples of how people have suffered from their own or someone else's activity on social networks can be long. The case with police from Odessa showed that it's possible to suffer even two years after publication. These cases should teach us at least one thing: to study privacy settings in social networking and use of the publication with a limited level of access (for friends or for friends). You should not write in public access that the chief tyrant, if the boss or colleagues follow you in social networks. By and large, it is not necessary to turn the social network into a place to drain negative emotions. Who knows how will respond to something written in the oven or in a bad mood.
Life under the digital microscope
To realize that our life in the network is not even on the hands — and under the conditional digital microscope is quite difficult. However, this understanding raises questions as to what to do, or rather what not to do on the Internet. The most important thing — this openness should make us prepared for the fact that almost everything about us, even remotely from the Internet, can be recognized and released. We have to learn to live with all this, and know how to get at least a small measure of anonymity in the modern too the open Internet.
The first advice to those who are sickened by excessive network openness, and share the profiles. Do not use the primary account on the social network and the primary email address for registering on sites. Read the social network is in a separate browser, and to register for sites you can use disposable email addresses, for example, GuerrillaMail.
The second tip is to get acquainted with a mode "incognito" in the browser and use it, for example, in the workplace. In this mode, won't save information on visited web pages.
And third, the most important is to think thrice before you post something online. It is no wonder the claims of the lead or the offense of neighbors on the landing after excessive revelations in social networks. Or — learn to live with it.
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16-12-2016, 08:02

In the future, such devices may appear in places where every day is a lot of people transport, shopping centers and stadiums
Carpet generates electricity when you walk on it. Photo: YouLoveIt.ru
Carpet generates electricity when you walk on it. Photo: YouLoveIt.ru
A future in which people will stop building on the rivers and dams to burn coal for electricity, and instead begin to jump, run, stomp and poke a finger in the monitor, producing the kilowatts of energy, getting closer.
Engineers and students from UAE University have created a "magic" carpet. He, however, does not fly, but generates electricity when it walk, run, jump or otherwise exert a mechanical effect. Just as film-generator, it works by layers of materials with piezoelectric properties, superimposed on each other, popmech reports with reference to The National.
Kharuf razan (Razan Kharouf) and Hamda al Derei (Hamda Al Derei), a graduate of the University of the UAE, to show its development. Photo: Delores Johnson / The National
The authors expect that carpets-generators in the near future oustalet floors of shopping malls, concert venues and other places with large concentrations of people. Now the materials and Assembly of the "wonder carpet" is too expensive, but engineers are working to make Eswee the invention as affordable as possible.
The piezoelectric effect is expressed in the emergence of the polarization of the dielectric by mechanical action. Piezoelectric elements are used where you need to get an electrical discharge under physical compression of parts of the system. Such devices are popular in a variety of sensors, sound technician (where piezoelectric effect is used to convert sound waves into an electrical signal) and contact fuses.
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