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About it reported on air of the Public radio Andrew Gerus, a member of the national Commission for state regulation in energy and utilities
"Now we are discussing the plant with a capacity of 1 gigawatt. Today this station in the world. In Chernobyl they want to build such solar station", — he said.
He also said that the project has already attracted the attention of Chinese investors. "It may be prophetic investors. All they have to invite them, prepare for them the platform, infrastructure and ask the terms on which they would like to work. To choose the best conditions. And so instead of Chernobyl, we can gain a competitive modern solar station", — said Andriy Gerus.
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Social network for business contacts is now available for download in the app stores of Apple and Android
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The authorities of the Russian Federation demanded to remove LinkedIn from the App Store and Google Play
Photo: aiesec.fi
In Russia, users of smartphones based on iPhone and Android can no longer download the application from LinkedIn. It is reported by The New York Times. 
The Russian authorities have demanded from the app stores of Apple and Google to block service for business contacts after Roskomnadzor has made it to the list of companies that have violated the law on personal data storage in Russia. 
Blocking apps in the Google Play store and Apple's App Store, probably will not close access to the content. 
LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, said that disappointed by the decision of the Russian regulator to block the app
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First time in Israel I was in 2001 when they were just starting to build their venture industry.
It was the year when there was a big crash in America. They thought that to do with Israel. Because the technology sector was in its lowest point. I then saw a country that really was... while they were bombed, they were sitting in the bunker in the hotel for the annual meeting of the venture Association and decided what to do with Israel. For them it was a matter of survival.
They saw that they started to turn. They saw the first companies that started to break into the American market. It became our business concept of "Israeli model" where a company begins at home, then open an office in America, attracted investment and from there the company began to continue to build. They came out a few of these stories and they began to build an entire industry.
I learned that about 700 thousand people with engineering qualifications from the Soviet Union arrived in Israel. For seven million Israel 10% of the population – people who have such a background. And so they thought how to use these brains in order to build a global company from Israel. What we have today? For 15 years we have the fact that last year, Israel attracted 11.4 billion dollars of foreign investment. $ 3.5 billion – that was the only venture capital investments. And venture capital industry in Israel started with a small Fund of the state.
This program, which brings together public money with private international. They created a joint Fund and put into office people who know how to engage in venture investments. It was 97, 98, 99. They then talked about the fact that they started to turn. They started with this. Then the state share in this Fund were sold to private funds. But they did it. Because today in Israel, a few dozen venture capital funds. If 15 years ago everyone wanted to become an exporter of oranges, today in Israel, every second makes your startup.
Because only for the first half of this year was 64 Ekiti. Moreover, the average check was $ 100 million. This means that 5-10 people get some share when exit. For small Israel, a common situation over the last 15 years, when someone sold his company and then they start a new one. When people talk about Israel as the startup nation, it is not all seriousness. Because that's where everyone involved in a startup. This was the implementation of their national ideas.
First invested in the technology sector only in order to protect themselves. Israel is very famous for heavy hardcoree and hardverski developments because they were associated with. With military use in particular. But they began to build other companies, using technological background. And if there are Parallels between Israel and Ukraine, we have the same thing, only we for these years have not learned to use scientists and engineers to the extent that managed them. We can say that they have a venture capital industry started earlier than us. But for me, Israel is an example of that in Ukraine could be built over these 15 years.
Today we also have our own eco-system. But if you look at the numbers, we drew last year $ 11.7 billion of investment. Due to what? Because there are people in the government and in the private sector was one mission – to protect Israel and to make it a joint effort. And so, as state officials promote Israel, it is possible to learn all officials in the world. There are people that are really attracted 300 international companies that began to build there development centers, open offices. They did, for they traveled around the world and invited them to his country. Because there are people who can work, and second, they've created certain tax incentives for international companies. That is an international company could come and sign an agreement with the government. They have a separate office of the chief scientist, the international businessman, large and small, can come to him fully and create all the conditions for construction of technological business in Israel. There all the processes are sharpened only around it.
The result of a government official depends on how well he managed to attract some company. And not only to attract but also to provide various services to the company were comfortable in Israel. There's the whole eco-system runs on two things. Everyone wants to launch a startup, because he sees that the neighbor did it. Here we are like the Israelites.
Therefore, it has become a social competition of the nation, when they began to compete among themselves who will be more successful in building companies. Secondly, you need to understand that over the years they have built a bridge to Silicon valley. Because a lot of Israelis went there to build your business. But it is very important that they come back and invest in Israeli companies. And in 15 years they built a bridge associated with the promotion of Israeli startups in the us market.
Unlike Israel, Ukraine is the only country in the world where venture capital and it industry was created entirely by the participants themselves, i.e. the private sector. Unlike Israel, which received an initial impetus and assistance from the state. We have already passed this stage. The key point to work with the government are conditions for conducting technology business in the country. When I was in Israel, I have not heard that someone took out the servers of the offices, I have not heard that there were some claims of tax to these companies. When they realized at the highest level that they need to create better business environment, primarily in the technology industry in the country. And KPI of each official is that they perform a service function. And most importantly, not to create problems. As much as anything around the world to tell how well we're doing. But come and ask someone who works in the country, as you well.
In Israel, the company there who have already started to do something, they began to tell others that everything is working, all is good here, come and you. Because the key motivator is the availability of human resource. Now the whole world competition between countries is only one human resources. They have in the country. Another thing is that our political elite has not realized that it is the most basic and the last thing we still have left. Because other countries just compete to those people to invite themselves, so they created a business from them. It's very simple mathematics. If you are creating a business at home, this is how you create jobs, pay taxes and all is well, and come in such investments. Because their outcome – to attract $ 11.7 billion of investment... And the country is in war. There, as before rockets fly over the country. It is in this state for 15-20 years. For venture investors, technological companies, this is not a barrier. This is something that helps us to work with international investors.
Of course, they are interested in how you do business in the country, but for them it is not a barrier to invest in Ukraine. But that is a barrier to invest in Ukraine – these are the conditions of doing business. Of course they much care. Because, on the one hand, they like that it has the human talent, but they don't like it when the government can not protect the business. Some of them were on the barricades during the Maidan, but I didn't see any protection from law enforcement in our Ukrainian startup. But if there is no certainty that the political elite protects people who create a global company from Ukraine, which have become her trademark, the question arises: why others should invest in these companies if they do not protect the native state. On the one hand, the good news is that we have this industry, we have about 25 funds that invest, more than three thousand startups. It's all good. But in order for us to reach the level of Israel, all the same should be done in better times.
I'm not just talking about our internal issues in the industry, but also the state's image and business environment. There are ratings that show the ranking of doing business in the country. Unfortunately, we lose by this measure many countries not to mention Israel, which attracts a lot of international entrepreneurs to create their company. We have not yet learned at the state level. While at sector level we are constantly working with international companies to come to Ukraine and work together to build a global company from here.
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What aircraft do you most like to watch in 2016?" asked the authors of the project. In the survey, which lasted about a day, took part more than 12 thousand Internet users. 
First place (45% of the vote) took the plane Ed Force One, which transports the legendary British rock band Iron Maiden. At the same time, probably for the British, voted by fans of a team that remains one of the world leaders in "heavy" scenes. "Dream" behind slightly to 41%. 
"Dream" took second place in the survey "plane of the year" by the leading aviation site in the world - photo 1
During the year, the views of aviation fans from all over the world were glued to Ukrainian giants twice in may (trip to Australia) and in November (flights around the planet).
Help. An-225 Mriya is created by the Kiev Design Bureau named after Antonov in the late 80-ies of XX century. In 2004 An-225 "Mriya" was included in the Guinness Book of records for 240 records.
Flightradar24 is an Internet - project created in 2007 by the Swedish company Travel Network Ltd, which allows real-time viewing on the map for airplanes in the world.
"Dream" took second place in the survey "plane of the year" by the leading aviation site in the world - photo 2
Ed Force One - the plane, walked "Dream" in popularity.
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