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16-12-2016, 08:00

NASA researchers believe that life on our planet originated from fallen meteorites, informs replyua.net. A report on the origin of life on Earth was published in one of scientific journals, and scientists have noted that along with the fallen meteorites on the surface of the planet were organic compounds, which became the beginning of a long evolutionary chain, which lasts millions of years on Earth.
According to experts, organic compounds came to Earth with meteorites, the Chondrites. The researchers emphasized that these meteorites provide an explanation for many processes occurring on the planet millions of years ago. In addition, NASA say that with the help of his new study, they found that water and asteroids, which are considered precursors of carbonaceous chondrites, it was still long before the appearance of the Earth around 50 million years. 
When you reach the planets, the asteroids were "fertilized" complex organic molecules, which can be called "the ancestors of mankind." According to scientists, asteroids, furrowing the space, can emerge even amino acids.
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20-10-2016, 23:10

William and Kate and the kids arrived on Thursday, September 8, at lake Di and stayed in the Scottish residence of Prince Charles - Birchal.
Kate Middleton wore a discounted dress at the Queen's jubilee
Kate Middleton wore a discounted dress at the Queen's jubilee
13 June 2016, 17:13
Smiling Kate looks quite happy in the company of the Queen.
According to the British tabloid, in recent years, Kate and Elizabeth II became closer spending time with each other and become real friends.
Earlier it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Northern Ireland joked about his health.
Deputy McGuinness at the beginning of the meeting asked Queen Elizabeth II:" How are you?". To this the Queen replied: "In any case, I'm still alive. Ha!".
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20-10-2016, 23:10

At the last meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Informatization and communications, the deputies decided to evaluate the activities of the government. More precisely - to bring intermediate results of fulfillment of decisions BP "About Recomandat parlamentskikh slogan on the theme: "Reform Galus informatino-komunkarta technology TA rozvytok informacinio expanse Ukraine." 
This document has legal force. So - the execution of it necessarily. However, the Cabinet seems to have forgotten about it. Or "scored"... and not informing the Parliament about the implementation of the Recommendations of the parliamentary hearings. But had to do it before the first of July.
The story is not new. Officials ignore the document run from year to year. To recall a similar document 2014. None of its provisions, the Cabinet did not bother to perform.
This year, the deputies ordered the Cabinet:
- within three months to create a program and plan of action for the implementation of the European cryptographic standards and e-governance;
to amend the criminal code changes that would have strengthened penalties for willful damage to communication lines;
- to simplify the procedure for placement of technical means of communication on construction sites, buildings and premises;
- to reduce the number of indicators of quality of data transmission services and access to the Internet;
- to create a transparent and stable rules for the development of human capital, attract new players on the ICT market, investors and customers.
This is only a small part of what should make the Cabinet. However, according to the head of the Secretariat of the Committee for Informatization and communications Alexander Starinets, today actually sold one job that are within the scope of the Ministry of education and science, regarding the development strategy of it industry. Also, the Cabinet complied with the order to ensure stable functioning of the Unified state web portal of open data. All other points of the Resolution – 95% – are in progress.
How to implement the Decision of BP, clearly shows the implementation of paragraph 103 of this document. According to him, the Cabinet must develop and submit to Parliament changes in the Law of Ukraine "About television I radobelina" schodo vrhovina ostanni changes have telendos vprovadzhennya novih technologies proposed organs, vudli for vprovadzhennya Ukraine digital television, prozori minds lansanna have sper digital moulenda".
As told Alexander starinets, on the query about the implementation of this issue, the government replied that on the recommendations of BP on 2 October 2012, the Committee of freedom of speech and information approved the composition of the working group. It should develop changes in the Law. Only the Cabinet did not consider one – "authorized strength" have long been archived since has changed three convocations of the Verkhovna Rada. That is, the government once again sent a formal reply.
Explanation of the situation from the Director of the Department of information technology Secretariat of the Cabinet of Yegor Stefanovich mymovoli reminded of the speech of the Russian Prime Minister. Not the implementation of the recommendation of Parliament Stefanovich commented simply: 
- Ciogodnichnyu day dosite nerta system prenetta I vapocoolant rseng. Ale is not exactly stoma on f, mi precum. Mi vdrift for novih day I propositions.
Confirm the words of his colleagues that the Cabinet is not idle, and tried the Chairperson of the state Agency for e-government Alexander Ryzhenko, telling about the success of the implementation of iGov:
- Derzhavni Agency spline s Ministerstvom " [rosalena the concept of nadanna electronic of hotel, Yak rosehaven to 2020 year. Won peredacha formuvannya Diego of systematic approach to suprovodzhennya electronic the hotel s rahwana the principle of the access through the only portal. Also data currently pagajusa WSM bodies Vladi document yaky visnaga Prioritet electron services respectively to vimoh ºC. Vodnochas vzhe wprowadzono vidachu electronic Lanzi (3 s 179 – Ed.) elektronne deklarowanej dochodu chinovniks.
It should be noted that according to the portal of public services are now available in online mode 355 services. Soon will start another 98 of services in the work are 673 services.
However, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Informatization and communications Oleksandr Danchenko was rather skeptical to such success:
- Sogodni your e-Radovana - TSE coop paper scho to lying on the tables, I prevalence ecig deklarowanej. Electrode Radovana – TSE one s Chastain strateg development of powers. 60% s Decreed – TSE not recomendet, a traveler's map I requirements ºC. I need wykonujace.
The work of the officials has caused discontent not only among the members of the Committee. Market participants also criticized the "activities" of the Cabinet.
Leonid Osherov, head of the Council of the Ukrainian Association of communication operators "Telas":
- Chomu do not realsauna plan deregulat for the 2015 year? Vzhe zakonchatsya year 2016, and the plan schodo diyalnosti deregulat Gospodarsko tilki was prinyali. The prot not the yaky, galosi was rosabella s Mineconomy. In Ukraine vzhe two rocky triva viyna, nonetheless do vdate system opoen. Also vasuti National center remotehostname management, but in this pitann , positive zrusena.
Similar to the situation with the failure of the recommendations are not repeated from year to year, the deputies and experts have offered their "recipes".
Yuriy Moroko, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Informatization and communications:
 We suffer for their mistakes – from the Cabinet required very much. 150 points cannot be performed. The government saw this huge list and they have dropped his hands.
You need to concentrate on 20, choose the priority. There is a road map of the EU, so why not to work - to meet and organize working groups. Then the result will be quite different.
Oleg Gusev, first Deputy Chairman of the Commission of the UMB science and information technologies, Deputy head of the UIA Board:
 Mi today razgledam power Parlamentskikh slogan 2016 year, the prot newtonand has Recomendar kohanna 2014 Pro zakonodaje zabezpechennya development of informatino suspilstva in Ukraine. Cabmen do not privv svoï a document from wapost to zakonu. Ministerstva not UNOSAT changes have svoï, zakonodaja-pravov active. TSE all vdbase through vastly vddlo for newtoniana. Comtet guilty of retrobyte bill, yaky bi peredacha modified for newtoniana rsen Parliament bodies Vladi ABO h cervicali. Yakscho tsogo not to do, then we will spirates through purose, year, and result niyakogo Buda.
And while there is no such responsibility, the deputies decided to invite to the meetings of the Committee the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and hear from him why the Cabinet does not comply with the recommendation of Parliament. After all, such inaction of the government directly affects revenues. For example, according to preliminary calculations, only the implementation of e-government can bring the state up to 35% of GDP as significantly reduced maintenance costs of the state apparatus and business expenditures on interaction with state institutions.

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20-10-2016, 23:09
Visa will cost about 12 euros.
The European Commission is considering the possibility to oblige the British to obtain an e-visa before you go to the EU and to pay 12 euros, writes the British newspaper The Guardian.
"I do not think that the introduction of visas would be very desirable, but we can't rule it out - we need to have a free hand to negotiate on the best conditions," - said the Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain of amber Rudd.
Brexit: Mei warned the British about the hard times 
Brexit: Mei warned the British about the hard times
September 4, 2016, 04:44
According to Rudd, the EU and European commissioners can consider various options, alternatives. But the version of the visa cannot be dropped.
"They will look into these negotiations with us just as we are with them. And I will try to ensure that what we get in the end, it would be best to respond to British interests," she said.
Recall that in a referendum for a British exit from the European Union spoke 51.9% of voters, respectively, for the continuation of EU membership made 48.1 percent of the voters.

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13-10-2016, 21:32
UEFA has given the green light to hold a friendly match between the national teams of Ukraine and Serbia to Kharkov, the official website of Kharkiv regional state administration. The match will take place on November 15.
In addition, on November 13, the RSC "Metalist" will host an open training session of national team of Ukraine.
It should be noted that on November 12 Ukraine in Odessa will take Finland in the framework of the world Cup qualifiers-2018.
Earlier, UEFA has returned to Artem Kravets goal in Kosovo.
All news national team of Ukraine.

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