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20-10-2016, 23:09
Visa will cost about 12 euros.
The European Commission is considering the possibility to oblige the British to obtain an e-visa before you go to the EU and to pay 12 euros, writes the British newspaper The Guardian.
"I do not think that the introduction of visas would be very desirable, but we can't rule it out - we need to have a free hand to negotiate on the best conditions," - said the Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain of amber Rudd.
Brexit: Mei warned the British about the hard times 
Brexit: Mei warned the British about the hard times
September 4, 2016, 04:44
According to Rudd, the EU and European commissioners can consider various options, alternatives. But the version of the visa cannot be dropped.
"They will look into these negotiations with us just as we are with them. And I will try to ensure that what we get in the end, it would be best to respond to British interests," she said.
Recall that in a referendum for a British exit from the European Union spoke 51.9% of voters, respectively, for the continuation of EU membership made 48.1 percent of the voters.

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13-10-2016, 21:32
UEFA has given the green light to hold a friendly match between the national teams of Ukraine and Serbia to Kharkov, the official website of Kharkiv regional state administration. The match will take place on November 15.
In addition, on November 13, the RSC "Metalist" will host an open training session of national team of Ukraine.
It should be noted that on November 12 Ukraine in Odessa will take Finland in the framework of the world Cup qualifiers-2018.
Earlier, UEFA has returned to Artem Kravets goal in Kosovo.
All news national team of Ukraine.

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3-10-2016, 14:22

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is that upon entering the vehicle, with a separate paragraph in the Assembly, negotiated the installation of a retractable cleaning cloth for shoes. This will reduce the amount of dirt in the car. Obradovalsya car a couple of car brushes. All depends on the customer.
 In a nutshell - simply and conveniently. 
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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3-10-2016, 13:37


 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 Everything is simple and clear - the idea is that the map has a field for scanning a fingerprint and, accordingly, can be only a user with the required registration. Increases the safety of card use and accounting of card users. But this technology already was developed. The innovation of this invention lies in the fact that all the plane cards can recognize the imprint or fingerprint, which simplifies its use.
The idea is considered as an already patented technology with the right investment or complete buyout.
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3-10-2016, 13:36

 The idea is that using the table and chair in the home and in commercial environments, table top and chair seat cushion can be warm and keep her in comfortable circumstances. That is, the table and chair set kind of climate control, which accordingly keeps the temperature at the top of the table and the chair seat cushion in set temperature. And even if you increase the budget on the table and chair set and cooler for hotter regions. 
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
 The budget of the development and certification of the project is 10 thousand$.
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