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25-12-2016, 20:13

The Cabinet intends to develop a legislative framework for the implementation of this initiative
Ukrainians will be identified using new mobile technology
In Ukraine at the state level will be the technology of mobile authentication of citizens — MobileID. Legislative aspects the project intends to engage the Cabinet. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, writes PaySpaceMagazine with reference to UNIAN.
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25-12-2016, 12:34

Facebook will be one of the first inhabitants of the largest of the techno center of the world, the Paris Station F. the Center, designed primarily for startups, will open early next year and will work around the clock.
Station F (ex Halle Freyssinet) is a quite ambitious project, which is to change it appearance of Paris. Thanks to the financial support of billionaire Xavier Niela it will become the world's largest center for start-UPS or representative offices of large companies like Facebook or TechShop. "We are talking about the campus for startups, because we, in fact, very similar to a University campus, says project Director Roxanne Varza. — We hope that there will be a thousand startups."
The building in which they will work — station of the early twentieth century — an area of 34 000 sq. m., Anyone can rent a Desk here for $ 195, not to mention about the office. "It's about the size of the Eiffel tower lying on its side," says Warta. Anyone interested can take a virtual tour of the building. Have Facebook already has an office in Paris, but the company is still going to stay in Station F, alluding to a special project.
Project Station F — initiative, Xavier Neela, who personally supervised the investment through his firm Kima Ventures (investment size — $267 million). This building, which will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and its maintenance will take a lot of money. However, the intent of Neela, the business model of the techno center does not expect to receive any income.
According to venture capitalists, France has developed one of the most striking communities of scientists who study artificial intelligence, but outside the country French researchers almost do not know. And sometimes you do not know, even in France itself.
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23-12-2016, 12:45

Yesterday, WikiLeaks released another big leak of new information. To be precise, the amount of information 83 GB.
Quite a large amount for text files. It is clear that there are video files that are most likely to show politicians, involved in heinous cases.
While no one really knows for sure what information contains in this whole leak. But according to our data, one folder of documents contains information relating to plans to start World War III. 
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While we don't know any details. There is only start date. It must begin in the period from 12 to 14 January 2017.
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22-12-2016, 12:38

In the United States stated that the most popular Russian social network VK (Vkontakte) contributes to the dissemination of materials that violate copyrights. It is reported ONLINE.UA with reference to TASS. The list of pirate websites was published on Wednesday, December 21, the office of the US representative at trade negotiations in the Cabinet rank (USTR). The black list included such Russian websites like VK, Rutracker.org and Rapidgator.org, a book Libgen website and the website of sound MP3VA.com that, according to the report, located on the territory of Russia. Read also: Cybercrimes in Ukraine covered the work of the most famous pirate site social network VK presented in the report as "one of the most popular websites in the world and extremely popular social network in Russia and neighboring countries" and noted that it contributes to the dissemination of materials that violate copyrights. The Executive assistant USTR Probir Mehta admitted that "there is a marked improvement," in particular, he noted that "Vkontakte" have concluded a licensing agreement with major record companies and has taken steps to limit the possibility of other applications for downloading protected content.
Source: news.online.ua/762861/v-ssha-populyarneyshuyu-rossiyskuyu-sotsset-priznali-piratskoy/
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20-12-2016, 19:51
In the creation of aircraft participated, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France and Saudi Arabia.
December 20 in Kiev introduced a new transport aircraft "Antonov" an-132D. To be precise, it is a demonstration model of the an-132. The so-called plane demonstrator for the presentation of technical innovations - reports hromadske.ua
"We are confident that this plane has a great future. We are confident that he has the market 260-290 aircraft to 2035."
Petro Poroshenko, President Of Ukraine
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Last year, the plant "Antonov" has signed a number of agreements with Saudi Arabia on the supply of the mentioned aircraft from 2017. There are plans to launch a joint design and manufacture of aircraft factory in Saudi Arabia, where the planned serial production of the an-132.

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