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DateDate: 8-09-2020, 05:19



Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  A completely new kind of information services that can be applicable both in personal use and corporate. The author's idea is moderation platform "Innovator", has great investment prospects and high growth promotion, below will be the users and readers to evaluate and make an appropriate decision.
 So, a stimulator of professional and personal realization "Innovator" is , in essence, a mobile application that helps in the form of virtual stimulation, with elements of augmented reality, any user to achieve its goal by its original functionality. The original functionality of the stimulator is that the user, after a simple registration enters the target he wants to achieve. The purpose can be any of a thematic nature, any direction and form. Once the user has set a virtual goal in the application, the functionality begins to form in your user's opinion about what he can achieve results. The formation of opinion will emerge with the various types and kinds of information that will provide the application to the user in certain periods and in certain places. The information will contain a variety of stimulating texts theme, links, photos and videos. Geolocation, which will be tied to the movements of its user, to notify him about the nearest places where there are examples of successful implementation of the planned objectives. Augmented reality, using the gadgets with the appropriate specifications will be able to project future realized goal in real life.
  And now on the examples will show how this will work:
  1). The user wanted to build his house. The application needs to write this goal. Further, the functionality begins to search for projects of houses and offer them to its user, look for places where the user wants to build your house, and using augmented reality to project it on real terrain. To stimulate the user in finding financial resources for the implementation of this project through business ideas or simple examples of how people have taken the responsibility and set appropriate goals, succeed and realise their ambitions;
  2). The user wanted to increase the corporate ladder. With this purpose in the application and marking the place of work and position, the functionality begins to advise steps that can help the user to achieve the realization of their professional plans, namely, to improve their skills through further study, providing examples from the life of famous people, how they achieved certain results, etc.
 And the more the user will put more specific questions and objectives, the more specific will be tips and suggestions from the stimulator professional and personal realization. It is important to be providing the incentive information to the user, as it should not prevent to live and work. Here the author proposes to use the functionality of the application technology of artificial intelligence, which will determine the proper timing of the filing of the corresponding information. Geolocation will clearly understand about the movements of its user and to notify him the next room, where already implemented a project or idea which has set itself the user.
  That is, the task of the stimulator would be to help users realize their goals and ideas through constant reminders and virtual support in the form of comprehensive thematic relevant information.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.


DateDate: 7-09-2020, 05:18

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  In continuing the development of popular topics on innovative wearable devices platform "Innovator" presents another device that combines the use of existing accessories, such as hours, with the new technology of touchscreen smart devices, the opportunities which will be outlined below in the author's vision of a universal smart watch-strap "Innovator".
  So, universal time smart band is a flexible touch panel that can be worn on the arm. In the first place, the universality of this smart device is that this time the smart strap is a touch flexible bracelet with holders for watch straps of any type and any shape. That is, the user who has a conventional mechanical or quartz watch, or maybe even a smart watch, places it on the touch plane smart strap and secures with holders. Or even takes the strap off the clock and attach them using all the same mounts, to the time smart strap. After all these mechanical operations, we have secured a regular watch on the time universal smart strap. Now you can imagine what happened the combination of the old and classic devices with new and innovative technologies. Then begins the description of the smart features of this device.
  The size and shape of plane watch smart strap may have very different shapes and capacities. Depending on the specifications or wishes of the future users. First and foremost, it will play the aesthetic side, as it will be able to adjust in color and style to attached the clock. As standard, in conjunction with the smart device and operate the eponymous mobile app, which will give its users to monitor and adjust its performance. For example, when the user attached a steel watch with brown leather strap, you will be able to transform the touch plane smart strap in the same color tones. Or at the request of the user, in any style and color. And, accordingly, the universal clock smart bracelet will be equipped with already existing capabilities - sensors count steps and heart rate of the user, the air temperature and humidity, vibration module with speakers and a microphone, body temperature and pressure, etc. That is all the opportunities that are already working in such smart devices. Very comfortable is the lighting function of the wrist and hand of the user, which is dressed smart strap. It will be possible to highlight where there are bad constant light for Example in a bag or pocket. 
 But the most innovative innovation for this smart device will be the touch game handshake. That is, when two users shake hands, which dressed up the data hourly smart straps, you will hear a beep. In this opportunity you will hold and instant pairing of two such smart straps with sharing previously programmed information. Of course, all above described capabilities will be to gather and tune in mobile app is a universal smart watch-strap "Innovator".
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 6-09-2020, 07:22

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
Platform "Innovator" in the presentations of innovations of various kinds of areas and different subjects thoroughly and deeply analyze the market of ideas and inventions, to avoid copyright infringement. In today's presentation there is a similar project of the canadian inventors, but the author's idea of smart clip "Innovator" there are innovative and promising. 
 Smart-clip "Innovator" is an attribute of decoration, mainly of women, which is made sufficiently large innovation potential and functionality. In the first place smart-clip can change its color depending on the wishes of its user. A small flexible touch panel gives the action an opportunity that is adjusted and controlled by the mobile app. Mobile app smart jewelry "Innovator" will be presented in another presentation with more complete and accurate layout of its functionality.
 Also, the smart clip will have his body camera, which under normal pairing with Your gadget, you can remove everything that happens around like record mode, and in the mode on-line. Simplifies the process of selfie mode, smart-clip with standing in front of the mirror.
 In a more complete set is possible to install a speaker and microphone for identical work smart-clip, like bluetouth headset. That is, smart-clip fully replaces the work bluetouth headset, and thus serves as an ornament, which, in manual or automatic mode adapts to the environment. The signal from the camera to the smart clip is transmitted to the screen paired with her gadget that is handy enough. Charging can be carried out both in a standard way, and with new wireless charging technology. 
 Considers the investment component or full redemption of the author's ideas.

DateDate: 5-09-2020, 05:17

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 In the author's ideas smart lapel-badge"Innovator" will be shown quite an ambitious project, which will help you to use memories of yesteryear when we collected and wore badges with the integration to date in relation to smart devices. The integration will help to extend the scope of wearable mobile devices, now in relation to the author's project in the form of a smart lapel-badges.
 Revealing the deeper the functionality of this smart device, you can designate its various use and functionality. First badge smart lapel-badge will be applicable to your core purpose with the help of the eponymous mobile app in Your gadget, the user can display on the touch screen smart lapel-badge various types and the most common lapel available icons, which will be located in the library of this mobile app. That is, the user chooses in the app badge and displays it via the usual pairing on the screen of your smart lapel-badge. Also on the smart lapel-badge will be able to withdraw any of such information, for example the brand of the clothes, which is wearing by the user. 
 Smart lapel-badge "Innovator" as an extra feature is built-in video camera. This will allow you to shoot photos and videos in real-time. For convenience, two or more interlocutors, will be able to functional applications the smart lapel-badge to evaluate the emotional state at the time of their dialogue, and display emoticons different appearance. For example, when the Jolly laughter during the dialogue smart lapel-badge will show the happy faces, thereby increasing a truly emotional atmosphere in this time and in this company.
 One of the functions is an automatic scanning barcode, which increasingly appear on all promotional materials. When the scan is completed, the processed information is displayed on the screen of Your gadget. Naturally, all existing apps will be available for use in this smart device that will be functional to approach it. For example, you can use the Skype app when to remove from clothing smart lapel-badge and put it in front of himself.
 The shape and size will be completely different. Charging will take place as a standard way and using the new wireless charging technology. In a separate equipment will be flashlight, microphone, and speaker.
 So here we have a brand new, innovative, wearable smart device that can be a fashionable mobile accessory will be equipped with a range of useful functions and will simplify the use of a mobile gadget, as the number of functions will go to him. But the main functionality will remain displaying lapel badges in active mode.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 4-09-2020, 05:18

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The innovative idea is that the shoes may change its size and functionality through a process of blowing air in her special chamber. 
 Some examples already, but in our case increases the functionality and ease of use. The structure of this Shoe has multiple chambers for pumping of the air - chamber to the upper part of the shoe and camera to the soles. Thus, it is possible to increase and reduce the size of the shoe, the softness or the hardness of the soles. Pump for pumping air is built in the shoes or separately. The pumps also have a number of distinctive functional features - they can work from batteries and from the power supply, and also by the mechanical action. It depends on the pricing and marketing policy for this product.
 But the most basic functionality of the inflatable shoe "Innovator" is a special mobile application that configures and monitors all of the foregoing processes in Your gadget. The application has the ability to set parameters of use, this shoe - running, lightweight walking, outdoor sports. Also, not unimportant enough, the program itself evaluates weather conditions (rain, frost, sun) and gives advice on the mode of use of the shoe. Or , by default, configures all by itself. It is very convenient during normal use, it quite comfortably fits the foot. For medical purposes essential it can be for people who suffer from flat feet, or other diseases of the feet and toes of this kind. It can also monitor a mobile app, when You enter the required parameters. It is easy to understand that inflatable shoes "Innovator", with air layer will be warm enough.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.