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 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The idea is that there is no need smokers along with a pack of cigarettes, and carry a lighter or matches. The draft of this cigarette packs is made so that at the end of each cigarette attached miniature incendiary capsule, which in turn (capsule), also has fasteners to the bottom of a cigarette pack. When a smoker pulls out a cigarette, respectively, the capsule while the movement is ignited and ignites the cigarette. About the principle of the ordinary firecrackers, but instead of a festive cotton is a combustion end of a cigarette a time delay of 1-3 seconds. The technology of the capsule need to be refined to such a view, that was the real high probability of ignition and a high degree of security. 
 Get the usability of a cigarette pack with ease of use in windy weather and in the rain, in the cold. Moving away from the use of lighters and matches.
 The idea is open for investments, and partial redemption.
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Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 In the modern prototypes of the future cars we already expect a fully automated process control and maintenance. It is also expected complete replacement of the entire interface of the future cars. But of course, it is still a matter of a few years, maybe decades. In the author's ideas touch automotive glass we will approach future smart devices that will be commercially applied in the near future.
 Touch auto glass "Innovator" imagine a flexible touch panel as a transparent type, and no standard sizes for certain models of cars that can display the managed information, thereby not interfering with the operation of the vehicle as the driver of the vehicle and to other road users. Information can be as a promotional base and technical component. For example, an auto-dimming touch glass, a fingerprint sensor, which will facilitate the opening of the vehicle and will increase the probability of safe from car thieves. Cars taxi services it is much easier to provision of information on corporate contacts and the status of their employment. Emergency services, during checkout, touch auto glass will help to quickly convey information to people about the course of emergencies. And many more that can afford the technology of flexible touch panels and use them to their destination. Without transparent touch auto glass will fall and rise in the likeness of ordinary glass, and will serve as a secondary automobile glass that you can use as needed. The management of these smart devices will produce as the interface of the car, and the eponymous mobile app.
 Will exist a simple and cheap way to use this technology - applied touch of automotive glass. They can be fastened to the car door from the back side. They will perform the same functions and controlled, only in a more simple design. 
 That is, we have the present use of future technologies, which will simplify some of the processes outlined above and make a new fashion trend in their performance.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 Already standard, when the platform "Innovator" presents innovative ideas for mobile of nature, which are not completely new areas of entertainment and educational nature. New ideas open new avenues of commercial and individual approach to realize the future profitability of investments. And today, if you understand this idea, an innovative network investments and ideas "Innovator" presents a brand new theme mobile apps.
 Mobile app sound collection "Innovator" is an entertaining service for those who want to know the end of the reporting period, which can be limited by different time segment ( hour, day, week, etc.) all the sounds that were heard near the user for a set period of time. These sounds, with appropriate settings in the application can be installed both in automatic and manual mode. When listening in automatic mode, the user receives the processed sound clip this app. The program selects more vibrant sounds, compresses them and mounts them with a kind of musical melody. The user will be quite interesting to hear a "report" of that time period when the application of sound collect fulfil their functions. In continuation of the disclosure further work of this startup, it is necessary to describe and separate the overlay video on a new tune. At the end of the processing of the obtained video on the passed time period of time. 
 In manual mode you can select in the recorded chart, the segments of recorded sounds and edit by myself ringtone. The app will quickly help the user to do it. Same thing with the video overlay, which can be inserted into the saved melody.
 A bit of again when we describe the final result of the application of sound collection "Innovator" - user in the selected period of time, the melody gets mounted in automatic or manual mode, your sound environment. Each melody is stored in a separate file and under a specific date. Will always be a pleasure to listen to his sound history of the period of time and remember the bright moments in an audio collection.
 Of course, the author's idea is open for investment or redemption.
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Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is that sunglasses can, using the technology of the projection image to show on the front of the lens information, which the user of this device will be able to enter from your gadget. 
 So, part of glasses-smile "Innovator", as mentioned earlier, you can tell and show the mood of the user. Technology projection image, or the image output on the front part of the lens using the new technology of flexible screens that will be applied to the front layer to the main lens points, information in the form of smiles (smile), letters and text will be displayed on the top layer lenses. Of course, the people nearby quite clearly see the submitted information. All the management of these processes will occur in a special mobile application that will enable pairing with smart glasses to get the right information to the screens points. In turn, the user of this unique device, almost not to see filed information on the screens points. This will allow him to see more clearly what is happening around. All batteries, microprocessors and projection equipment are located in the upper frame of a frame or "bridge" points. In an additional configuration, the spectacles may be of sufficient width that will allow on the front side too to place a long and narrow screen of the appropriate size to output and there is all sorts of information. 
 When driving a car or other moving equipment, shut off the main projection feature in order to avoid accidents. Charging takes place according to the principle of charging all mobile devices and using wireless charging technology.
 Also, several specifications may purchase the "attachment" of equipment in the filed of technology smart-glasses "Innovator", which can be applied to any other points. 
 That is, we have a completely new device, which can be called eyewear display mood and information. New fashion accessory...
 The idea is open for investment, and for its full redemption.
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Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
This application is a touch of accounting, in some way, like a series of mobile applications games scan. That is why it is published within this topic. And this author's series ideas games scan starts to be very interesting for future users, which entails its development.
 Now, we all know very well, or use the app to count the number of steps taken during the reporting period. Statistics displayed on the screens of our gadgets, allows us to evaluate our efforts during the reporting period and to use this information for personal purposes. Slot scanning is aimed at gaming and entertainment component to use these applications. App touch account also shows statistics at the end of the reporting period, only a number of touches to the screen of your gadget. That is, the user who downloaded the application, has the opportunity to evaluate and see their activity in the reporting period, to compare it with other reporting periods, to recommendations of that application on the use of relevant applications Your gadget, referring to the received data previously used applications.
 You can, with the paid version of the app touch account, to receive statistics of usage of individual apps that eat Your gadget in terms of number of active actions on the screen of the gadget. Also, given that this is a game scan, it is possible to obtain the functional system of this startup's video depiction of the use of the screen of the gadget in the animated style. Or artistic slides touching your screen of the gadget on pre-allocated hours of use the screen of the gadget, which can be share in social networks. The colors and style of these graphics and animation data to be selected separately. 
 That is, without exaggeration, the administration platform "Innovator" can conclude that this kind of mobile entertainment does not exist! The statistics of mobile application use the touch scanning can be turned into a specific gaming event, the results of which can be shared in the circle of his friends. Animation and art materials from working of this mobile app it is possible to use as a separate entertainment, which can also be attributed to the new and innovative direction. 
 This author's idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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