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27-08-2022, 05:52

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.

 Brand new revolution in the approach to the production of individual jewellery.
 What is this idea - will be organized a kind of farm-laboratory, which will be under the individual parameters of the person, which will be separately computed (the original formula), where the spiders of the corresponding breed in the appropriate enclosure with the appropriate amount of time will be to spin a web. When ordering from a spider" is done, it is taken for jewelers. They take this, the individual webs, strengthen it with a special solution and then sprayed on her precious metals - gold, platinum, silver, etc. Also, this precious web, if desired, and encrusted with precious stones. When the product is ready, it is placed in the original packaging and sell to the customer.
 Is an ideological direction to be applied in other similar topics. Which is separately specified with the ideological founder of this direction.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure. 
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26-08-2022, 02:07

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  The author presented ideas to their mobile app offers to collect all existing services. In the opinion of the moderation platform "Innovator" is a simple enough idea, but if it is properly and professionally checkout, this service can show itself at the global level quite fast and promising! Below will be spelled out the basic functionality of this application.
  So, the author offers new users a streamlined method to use, which is the absence of any registration and reference to the accounts or the accounting records. On the front page of the mobile application will be a list of the main and most popular services that users prefer to have in the startup. The list will initially include a default list of apps, but anyone can customize it to fit your needs. Prioritizing is a voice control method. Innovative way are the hand gestures, including the clapping and clicks. That is, the user programs in this application, the number and frequency of such gestures and their ties up to a particular kind of services. The app will be able to work with locked screen so programmed gestures and voice commands your app will recognize, and in this mode too.
  Innovative app "Grand-service" can be applied to existing mobile services. It can be attached to them, and have the same functional and innovative management methods. For example to existing programs and applications that control the functions of "smart home". Or services call a taxi or food delivery at home. One snap of the fingers, and the app provides its user the ability to order pre-programmed service. Moreover, according to a predetermined function, the screen of the gadget will be automatically unlocked for faster use of this application.
  To sum up this short presentation, the innovative mobile app "Grand-service" will be able to provide its users with a simple menu to use existing services and bind to existing similar services.      That is, one mobile resource will be able to replace a number of similar resources that simplify the users the whole process of ordering appropriate services. 
  This idea is open to investment, and for its redemption
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23-08-2022, 03:41



  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is. what is the most common smeca that we use every day in our clothes and everyday life, using new technology of touch control and flexible magnets that opens and closes not in a mechanical way, and touch across the line the snake on the principle of working on a variety of devices touch.
 Fluted flexible magnet provides the strength of the fasteners touch the snake, and the touch surface provides an opening-closing.
 The power of this snake can be provided in a variety of ways, from batteries, or from charging from solar energy.
 A more detailed description of the present invention will be directly in the investment or upon redemption.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

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22-08-2022, 02:09

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 Your attention is completely new innovative idea, like all ideas that are published for viewing and investing on the platform of "Innovator". Signaling system playing fields "Innovator" will allow you to accurately and quickly control the game process, that takes on the backburner contentious issues that arise in the process of sports games using a ball. It also introduces a new term - the smart ball. Applicable to any sport where balls are.
 And so, in the example of tennis, we will show the main functionality of this startup: a tennis ball, well balanced, and gently placed a special chip that is programmed to reads the game information, subject to field sizes. Information about all the movements of this smart ball is passed to the controller. The controller, in violation of the rules of the game in question compliance with the playing areas during games, gives sound and light signals. The very boundaries of the playing field equipped with magnetic strips that allow you to control the movement of the same smart ball. That is, when the ball at least a little bit flies out of the boundaries of the playing field, sound and light signals immediately give to know about it. Even the leaves on the second plan of the video recording and time spent on clarification of issues in respect of gaming zones. A mobile app that will be available for download, was gives the user to monitor the control processes of the gameplay. 
 On the same principle it is possible to use this system in any sport where there is a clear field boundary and used the ball. 
 Now, we have a system which takes precise, fast and reliable control of the process of sports games, which entails the correctness of the counting results of the sports game and save time on clarifying controversial issues.
 The idea is open for investment, and for its full redemption.
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21-08-2022, 02:37

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  A rather straightforward and catchy title of the author's ideas for innovative social networks enemies "INenemy", which in its basic functionality is quite peaceful sense and not directed at any hostile or warlike motives. Here in the first place, will encounter enemies, and then, with the participation of a third party, which will play a major role in reconciliation, they will need to be at a normal relationship. Below is describe.
  So, this social network will serve as a platform where you will meet enemies or people who had a falling out in different everyday situations. Register a new a couple of enemies or enemy will be able to as they themselves, and outsiders, third parties. Of course, the number of such enemies may be more than two people that will be available at the registration stage. The main objective of this startup will be the reconciliation of these people, or at least attempt reconciliation. As already mentioned, that a third person will be an integral part of this process. It will be right, as in enemy or unfriendly relations significant, and maybe even the main role in the reconciliation intermediaries, or as we called third parties. When does the registration for such a situation by enemies or debaters, they necessarily indicative of contact and personal information of a third party for its consent. Current enemies will even not know that they are registered in the social network of enemies. The third person to register, which will be available and the function is anonymous, describes the situation that caused the dispute or hostile attitude, and laid it all, maybe even without names, with the network. In the course of the public discussion, everyone can Express their point of view about this kind of situation and how to resolve it. Then a third person, which can remain incognito, with the help of network functionality, sends messages to the enemies themselves that their situation is under public discussion. 
  Each third party Board, one of these sides can find arguments that will affect hostile or controversial situation, and the enemies can retreat from their unnecessary ambitions to sit at the negotiating table and find a compromise in their decisions or actions. By the way, when the enemies will see on this platform all of the public opinion of their hostile relations, the functionality will offer them the actions that are associated with more rapid reconciliation. For example, the organization of meetings for participation of third parties. In the future, also this is the same network functionality, Buda, the probability that enemies can become friends or partners. And communication between enemies can go in the fellowship of friends, only already on other social platforms, which again, will offer an innovative network of enemies at the end of the reconciliation process. 
  It is no exaggeration to add that the correct operation of the described startup, a lot of controversial issues will move from the courtroom to the platform. Also, participants may be whole Nations that are at war. You could even say that this is a startup world!!! Although quite the opposite...
Making quick conclusions, it may be added that innovative social network of enemies "INenemy" can work in conjunction with other existing social networks, which will affect the mutual increase range of users. 
  This idea is available for investing, and for its full redemption.
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