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19-06-2022, 04:45

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  The author's idea of creating a mobile app, which will be described below and to solve practically not a significant problem faced by a large number of people, mostly women, functionally innovative and promising investment direction and global promotion. Mobile app home accounting and its recommended selection of the "Innovator" is the first constituent element in the line mobile app from home accounting.
 So, very often get a situation when in the stowage racks full of clothes, which we sometimes forget, and what to wear can't tell. Very often these situations turn out controversial family moments. And even when we understand and are mindful of their clothes, and sometimes can not combine the outfit for going out with the existing presence of personal clothing. This is about the issues that we will face or already face. The functionality presented to the mobile app quite easy to use, but with a large number of related auxiliary functions. Let's start...
 First and foremost, for full functioning mobile app, when buying new clothes, a new user will need to scan labels or to photograph themselves purchase. This information will be stored in an archive in the app. Also, preferably, you will need to do it with the existing available clothing. Further work is entered by the original functional resource of this startup. For recommendations, what clothes are best to dress now, he takes data about the weather, about the presence of events in the mobile calendar of the user. Can also request of the user, preferences associated with the planned events to date. When the answers received, referring to the internal directory of the existing clothing of the user, the application provides a list of clothing options, which he can now get dressed. This is the directory and manually browse to the user and determine what to wear and not to look on the cabinets that he has in stock from clothing to date. That is, the user simplifies the daily task of forming clothes. For him it's all done mobile application.
  But that's not all. The functionality of the application will be coupled to work with stores that have clothing, the priority for the user. It will be displayed in advance in it that the user could reserve and go buy. Also a priority is the availability of promotional offers at retail outlets, located in the neighborhood, referring to the geolocation data of the user. 
  The author also assumes that this mobile application can get a semblance of a social network of clothing where the recommendations of this kind can give on-line as friends and people with similar functionality but with a more global task.
  Drawing conclusions in this presentation, we can say that mobile app home accounting and its recommended selection of the "Innovator" much easier life as a normal business person and mod. Will now exist interactive homework tailored clothing for all family members.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.
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18-06-2022, 10:38

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is a bottle stopper that is not necessary , traditionally, Unscrew clockwise in order to open the bottle. In this idea, the tube is opened with a light blow at the bottle tube top. At the bottom of the tube has a retainer for rolled ring, when you hit a traffic jam, which will release the stopper to open the bottle. The closing is the same way-tube put in place(on the bottle), and a slight blow on the cap top, she closes the bottle neck in the same tight position it was in before opening the bottle. Only the lower retainer ring has to be in an open position that says that this bottle had been previously opened.
Also, such a tube may have a hinged locking mechanism which allow not to drop the plug, in case uncomfortable using the bottle( at night, on the road, etc.).
This invention allows to simplify the opening of bottles in different fields of applications.
The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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17-06-2022, 02:13

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 Strictly individual project which is to promote knowledge and understanding among investors in terms of its appeal. More to say today will not, because in the video of the presentation of the basic meaning of this idea and it shows. Only through development of this project, to this product and added more ingredient - the appropriate unit composition in the form of alcohol base.
 So, to the already known original product cream bread, which is based on known components, added another ingredient - the alcohol. The ratio of the alcohol are different, depending on the percentage of capacity in this product this ingredient. That is, the strength of an alcoholic cream-bread may be different, and this will be confirmed by the corresponding indicators on the packaging. 
 As a result of this innovative product, we have the emergence of a completely new alcoholic product that radically changes the use of alcohol-containing products. The simplicity and ease of use speaks for itself - not bottled, the possibility of using various forms of packaging, pleasant taste compatibility with different foods. For example, it is possible to easily eat with a spoon or cooking alcohol salad. Without exaggeration we can say that emerging new culture of foods containing alcohol, and thus appears a new industry of food alcoholic food industry. Naturally, the sale of alcoholic beverages is subject to licensing and the application of the excise tax. In our case, within the law, will also apply a similar approach in the sale of this alcoholic product.
 Below we recall the presentation of the first cream product cream bread, which was the development of the topic. 
 The idea is that the bread turn into the original buttery mass and placed in individual packaging - glass, paper or "shrink wrap tube". When eating is difficult to apply to other products the cream-bread with the help of convenient packaging. Extended periods of storage, the possibility of making different flavors, including sweet, versatile storage and transport, easy warm-up, including in a microwave oven. 

 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.
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16-06-2022, 02:14

Personal non-material and proprietary rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
Of the many ideas that users are trying to present on the "Innovator" platform, the moderation presents the most unique and innovative ones. And here in this presentation will be presented another innovative idea, which has no analogues. It carries in itself both an entertaining component, and a public estimation of individuality, which will be described below.
So, from childhood and adolescence, probably the majority felt the situation on themselves, when without their own interference, outside people, friends, classmates or classmates call and come up with nicknames. This, in the majority, is done "behind the back" of this or that person. Also, the nicknames, for the most part, do not bear the positive reaction of the person who was nicknamed.
The innovative mobile application "Smart nickname" is basically its functionality, it helps to organize and set up this process so that it is open for both people who come up with nicknames and for the people who receive these nicknames. That is, nicknames can now be chosen, adjusted and changed. And it will all be open, and negative emotions in this matter will practically be absent. Below is an example of the work of this startup.
Registration will be absent. When selecting a nickname, users will need to enter a series of data. And the more this data will be, the more accurate the result will be. That is, users can enter the name, name, occupation and other data, and then the result will be received.
The final data that this mobile application will provide, can be used for personal purposes, as well as in public. This means that a smart nickname can be automatically attached to profiles and accounts in social networks and instant messengers of any user who has decided to select his smart nickname and leave it for public use.
This service will openly assign nicknames, which will reduce the negative consequences of this process, since this process will be open and accessible to everyone. Also quite interesting will be comic and game component, which will increase the audience of users.
This idea is open for both investment and full redemption.
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15-06-2022, 02:18

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  Platform "Innovator" with its collective responsibility declares that the author's idea of an innovative mobile app "Mom-Dad" is completely new and unique that gives all the chances of its investment interest and promotion of all age categories of users who will use it as the accounting services, the relationship of children with their parents.
 Now, a lot of the time points related to the relationship of children and their parents, are not observed. A lot of forgotten events, and this relationship may weaken or even rupture. All of these actions often occur, even not on purpose, we do not plan and cannot control. This is not always the case but happens often.
 The functionality of an innovative mobile app "Mom-Dad" will have unlimited period of use, as this startup is aimed at the continuation of the work, since its registration within the same family with the condition and the possibility of its subsequent transfer to the next family generation. That is, his usage will be transmitted from parents to their children as a family heirloom that will retain all the information, which will be described below.
 The application will be directed to maintaining and improving the relationship of children with their parents using the original specifications and functionality. New users begin their use with the registration, which indicates personal and contact information, and their parents. Also the necessary requirements for the proper functioning need to be activated for permanent control of the geolocation data of parents and children. Further action includes the functionality of an innovative mobile app "Mother-Father".
 First, the app will focus on what would be the relationship of children with their parents on a regular basis. The whole family life will be reflected in the form of a calendar, which you can view and remember all the past moments and events that took place in the joint family life of the respective generation. Events and moments will be recorded using video and photo materials, for example photo album. It will be a virtual family photo album, the formation of which will never end. 
  When children and parents live together, the application will remind them of joint festivals and events, both parties can lead their family diaries, photos and videos will be automatically tied to dates and events. And already in the separate custody of the children and parents, primarily a function of geolocation is to know about the whereabouts of family members, because this is important to control the movement of elderly parents by children. The app will constantly remind the children that they should visit their parents in their old age, this need increases. Of course, all these visits will be recorded in the calendar. It is desirable that in such family visits and meetings were photos and videos that will improve the information content of memories during a calendar view. The application can bind a variety of services monitoring of health status of both children and their parents. For example, wearable smart devices that monitor blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, etc. A complete list of functionality of the future mobile bestseller!
  That is, in the end of the presentation the author's ideas we can say that there is a mobile application that bude maintain records and partial organization of family life, it can and should be transferred through generations. The app name is selected such as main memories will be directed on the lives of our parents in the face of Moms and Dads! 
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.
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