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DateDate: 1-05-2017, 06:43

  Стартап мобильного кино премьерного просмотра "ИНноватор".

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
The idea is that a startup mobile movie viewing "Innovator" in its structure, the work resembles a "theater in your pocket". That is, for sufficiently simple to use menu and registration in the structure of the movie platform, the user has the option to go to the poster of the rental of movies worldwide and to take advantage of the selection and viewing of film of high quality. Of course, there is a charge for viewing through various payment systems. Playback of movies is possible in smartphones, tablets and services in modern smart TV models. The user, after selecting and paying for the viewing of the movie, gets to your email address or any messenger a link where he can see the theater itself in the on-line mode, a cinema that shows a film, and of course the film itself. A service of booking of places work your personal movie office, where you can find and chat discussion after watching movies, and a personal virtual Secretary that will answer questions on the subject of the film, and a flexible system of cumulative virtual movie money - CIMO. 
Cinemas, which in the early days of movie Prime, as usual, puts all those wishing will have the opportunity to virtually provide the opportunity to access movie viewing, thus gaining additional profit. That is, are the cinemas and the whole cinema network will be interested in the quick registration on the platform.
Have a platform that allows users to watch movie premieres in any convenient place and time.
The idea is open for investment and is full of redemption.

DateDate: 10-04-2017, 06:09
 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea of creation and work of this startup is that all communication, photo and video materials it is possible to publish and upload in a state of flight or weightlessness.
 Yes, this network, in close cooperation and direct agreements with airlines of various kinds of ownership, companies have started to organize flights into space, enables registered users to your page, away from land. We know that the aircraft are prohibited to use mobile devices. That's why and will be given the opportunity to registered users to your page in the first air social network "Innovator". This is Your page that will be created and maintained during the flight, will be Your desire with the help of personal settings associated with other pages of Your other social networks. 
 The auto companies will be interested to make the organization of this process, as nowadays users do not want to break away from this kind of social networking. Moreover, we have a constant growth of passenger traffic worldwide. 
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 17-12-2016, 21:42

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The author's idea has been tested at home and using this presentation assumes investment proposal for the further development and global use. Will briefly try to describe an innovative technology in construction and finishing works.
 So, walls with brick or concrete masonry is applied to the foam composition safe composition and immediately after curing, which takes place in one hour, polished. All the tools were involved in existing in a particular order. When the walls are sanded, they are coated with a thin layer of glue and paper of different density. In consequence we have a warm and smooth walls in the shortest possible time that will not crack from changes in temperature and humidity. Room of 20 square meters two employees completely done in 4 hours. That is, the walls are puttied up, aligned and laminated paper for the appropriate aesthetic design. But it is not the main innovative component technologies the aerosol filler and the formation of the decorative elements of the "Innovator".
 We all imagine or know how to form and implement the gypsum elements of wall and ceiling. It takes time and entails the purchase of several components for implementation of this technology. Spray forming technology of decorative items implies manufacture of any decorative designs, only with the help of aerosol spraying a foam-like mass. By the way, very interesting architecture are formed flexible and rigid overlays for the realization of various decorative designs - they can be streamlined, which is practically not available for the drywall, and with sharp edges and corners. These stencil designs can be installed on the stage presence of a brick and concrete base, and the already existing smooth walls. Sanding and gluing is performed as previously described on a flat wall with spray putty. 
 Also in this technology is the formation of walls and ceilings in the reverse order.In the beginning attached to the walls of thick paper or even a tarp on the relevant plan and drawings. And in the gap between the Foundation and the walls, under the pressure of technological holes is injected the same aerosol composition. The result will be wall or ceiling with an uneven and smooth base that carries a new style and a new trend in repair. After solidification, the paper can be left, and the tarpaulin removed.
 That is, as a result of implementation of this technology, if you take a private room after its application, we have in-house is solid, warm, and in turn light design that is waterproof and resistant to deformations. Moreover, the timing of repair works on this technology are reduced significantly and the appearance options of decorative designs unlimited.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 30-11-2016, 22:39
 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The idea of automating the process of shopping in supermarkets has continued after the submission of early draft buying smart truck "Innovator". The next project, which represents the platform "Innovator", is an automatic modular trade counter "Innovator".
 We all have seen, when the supermarkets go between the shelves and corrected or scan the item, change prices, which is on the shop shelves. We have to bend over to get from the lower or upper shelves of the products, although this is not always convenient. Also have, almost always, look at prices and on product packaging, on their expiration dates or calories. All this, at first glance, no great difficulties, but they may simplify or even get rid of them. 
 Automated unit trade counter "Innovator" in its structure has light and sound functions which give the purchaser of the goods they take from a shelf. Small screens may in some cases in the form of the scroll, which are placed under each product in the places where we usually see the price tags, provide concise and essential information. When you click on the button under each item of this information and to listen to. Also, the automatic counter is equipped with a function of automatic feeding of product on first line shopping shelves, for example a moving belt that we use when we stand in the queue to the cashier in the supermarket. The modularity of the counter consists of a large number of such moving tapes on the shelves, where each such vertical tape or installed under a certain degree to the buyer, and is moving separate type of product. To apply the capability to the different groups of goods.
 For buyers we simplify the selection and supply of the goods from the shelves, increasing the information about the product for the buyer and the seller. Yes, this commercial equipment is more expensive, but the sellers, by reducing the trading personnel, will also eventually benefit.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 11-11-2016, 22:11

 The idea is that on the smooth surface of clothing, such as t-shirts or headwear, with the help of mobile applications and display an image from a smartphone or tablet. Already developed the technology of flexible displays will allow to realize this idea. Smart clothing interfaces with the mobile device via the Bluetooth function.
 Very convenient the application will work with mobile voice translator that will display clothing simultaneous translation. Quite convenient while traveling. Also be able, if necessary, to organize group video chats. And many other applications that we use in our gadgets. 
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.