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24-10-2017, 07:11
Автосканер АЗС "ИНноватор".

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The idea is that when refueling the vehicle, the gun is the speaker itself , using the barcode scanner, interfaced with the vehicle and transmits the amount of fuel indicated in advance through a mobile app via the menu of the car by the driver. 

The principle works like this - once the gun stations column interfaced with a car, or car menu on the display, or a special smartphone app asks You a question, how much fuel to pour into the tank. And accordingly, when the operation required the simultaneous operation of a Bank account, which automatically sent the payment for the product or service. 

Under this system, the work stations reduced the number of staff and the speed of the fueling process.

This idea is open for investment , and for its full redemption.


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15-10-2017, 08:30

The idea is moderation.

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Идея находится на модерации.

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The idea is in moderation.

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The idea is moderation.

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