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11-11-2016, 07:37

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 Reading the article about the importance and influence of all kinds of mobile apps in our lives, you can bring the line and say that this segment of services is only developing. And what we'll see in the future what we are going to use - a solid mystery. The author of the following original idea introduced an innovative app that will only simplify the user view of the world artistic life.
 Of course, something similar exists in the art world. But here taken completely different approach, and the concept of artistic transformation is used to the full.
 So, it is an accepted fact that any mobile application is not complete without a gadget with a camera. Sometimes the camera is the main component in an application. And mobile art app "Innovator" clear and high-quality imagery is key to the successful operation of the application. 
 The user of this application makes any object, landscape or profile the camera of your gadget and surveys. Captured the photo and it has the ability to convert to art. By the way, art the conversion option has a complete list of all genres from landscape and ending with a still life. Also, is the reverse operation of the converting - picture photographed with great precision and realism turns into the photo. 
 Yes, writing code for this application is not an easy task, but at the end of this work out promising mobile application through which any user who has downloaded the app, can become a virtual and a mobile by the artist. 
 But the main innovative component is the interactive art exhibitions those works that virtual drew a mobile art application. There is also a prize of the same application, which are awarded based on a vote.
 And the last thing that reveals the author of the idea - is the future network of these art workshops that are already mobile virtual paint real paintings that can be ordered by sending art mobile image, and after a certain time to receive your order.
 Summing up the description of this idea can be users who shoot whatever they like, it's all converted into a virtual picture in their gadgets. Then they go to art workshops, paint it all in nature, and then consider themselves great artists:)))! is a small comic conclusion of the administration of the platform "INNOVATOR".
 The idea is open for investment, and for its full redemption.

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1-11-2016, 18:42
  The idea is that the upper light clothing, even clothing with a flexible screen sizes, using light fibers of different sizes or built-in mini-screens displays information of a different sort - the pressure in both the atmospheric and the man; heartbeat; temperature; temperature of human body; moisture content; and even this technology is applied in the direction of advertising media on the clothing.  Also it will be possible with a smartphone and the functions of interfacing with clothing of this kind, displays necessary information on the screen of clothes.
 This idea can be applied in medical applications to facilitate the work of medical staff.
 Again, the idea only set it for sale. Investing is not considered! 
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1-11-2016, 18:42

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 Very often, the most crazy and unusual ideas into the visibility of others, and strangely enough, even become popular and get loose in the tops of sales. One of these will be demonstrated below. Maybe there is in this idea a promising future. 
 The idea is that from headdress the author of the idea made real miniature aquarium, which may temporarily place the living fish and algae of a corresponding size. Also included is a miniature air compressor, lights and bypass valve. Tightness of connections where the user fills with water and places the fish and algae, provides a flexible clasp. Yes, and the water tank can be made of hard transparent plastic and of an elastic, transparent and dense material. The form may be different, depending on the wishes of the client. The compressor control and backlight, control the cleanliness and temperature of the water is performed using a special mobile application. If desired, the reservoir is optional, you can put camcorder that will allow you to observe underwater miniature world which is not as funny as it sounds, can be located on your head. 
The design of the headdress may have various external features and types that will allow users to adapt to new fashion trends.:)!
 The life of the inhabitants of the aquarium are in no danger, as the very program properly monitors all processes that take place there, in addition to any mechanical effects.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure. 
 All suggestions and comments should be sent to the contact details of the platform "Innovator".
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8-10-2016, 23:29
Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
  Rather global approach to the implementation of this idea. It is that would you apply this concept to common types of sports - volleyball, tennis, etc.
 Method of application zaklyuchaetsya that would, for example, in tennis, standard transparent mesh to replace is not transparent. That is, instead of a grid in the same size , vasalisa not transparent material. The same is applicable in volleyball, ping-pong, water Polo... In mind the current sporting achievements in various sports, this innovation will give the opportunity for professional athletes to improve their achievements and skills. This idea pozitsioniruetsya as a completely new direction in the development of the entire sports world.
 This idea is officially registered . All questions are accepted via e-mail www.innovator.biz.
 The idea yolko is open for investment.
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3-10-2016, 14:22

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is that upon entering the vehicle, with a separate paragraph in the Assembly, negotiated the installation of a retractable cleaning cloth for shoes. This will reduce the amount of dirt in the car. Obradovalsya car a couple of car brushes. All depends on the customer.
 In a nutshell - simply and conveniently. 
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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