• BabyIN series. Smart diaper with sound effect “Innovator”


    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    The idea is that a sound element is built into the diaper, the function of which is to notify about the state of the diaper worn on the child. When the diaper is “filled”, a melody sounds, with different sound and volume, depending on the state of “fullness” of the diaper. Also, the melody will change depending on the age of the child and its weight, and again, its state of fullness.
    Also, in continuation of the topic, a special chip may be inserted into the diaper, which will allow pairing with your gadget. A special mobile application will monitor not only the fullness of the diaper, but also the child’s body temperature, pulse and blood pressure. That is, the simplest diaper replaces the diagnosis of the child only on a permanent basis. The functionality of the mobile application instantly notifies registered users, i.e. parents of the child, about changes in the main parameters being measured. When buying such smart diapers, there will be an access code on the package, which, when entered in a special field in the mobile application, will activate this package with diapers in the application of this application to perform their smart capabilities. It is clear that with this special mobile application, which will be your gadget, you will be able to check both the fullness of the diaper and all the described parameters online. As mentioned earlier, a special signal in the mobile device notifies when the capacity limit is exceeded.
    That is, we have the standard work and functionality of some smart devices, only in this presentation of the author’s idea, these functions are applied to our children in irreplaceable and everyday accessories, i.e. diapers, which, after the implementation of such capabilities, can be called disposable smart devices .
    The idea itself is available both as an investment and as a full purchase.