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    Our company, which specializes in representing the interests of foreign companies in Ukraine, is launching an innovative project that will help improve the efficiency and quality of our services.

    We have developed a unique online platform that will allow our customers to easily monitor the work process and monitor the completion of assigned tasks. With the help of this platform, they will be able to receive timely reports on the work performed, as well as make changes to tasks and monitor their completion.

    A feature of our platform is a high level of data protection. We use advanced encryption and information protection technologies to ensure the safety of our customers’ confidential data.

    In addition, we have expanded our team of experts and can now offer a wide range of services to our clients. Our specialists are highly qualified and have experience working with foreign companies in various areas of business. We are ready to provide professional support and help in solving the most difficult tasks of our clients.

    Our company is always striving for innovation and development to meet the needs of our customers. We are ready to offer the most effective and profitable solutions for the successful development of the business of our foreign partners in Ukraine.

    Innovative business development network

    innovator.sale – network of trade enterprises, import-export, land market in Ukraine. In peacetime, the turnover of our companies for 2021 amounted to 383.4 million euros. The Russians’ unprovoked attack on Ukraine is causing multibillion-dollar losses. But we did not stop our many years of work. Moreover, dozens of new countries have joined cooperation with us. Cooperation with Ukraine has become mainstream at the international level.

    Development of development strategies and promising directions

    setofstrategy.com – development of development strategy, prospective directions of Indian companies in international markets. Audit of export-import operations. Management of a cross-functional team and external specialists. Supply of products of Indian manufacturers of goods MADE IN INDIA.

    Innovator Sumy

    The enemy has come to our land. He brought us grief, tears, pain of loss, death and destruction.


    Innovator Agency

    Our Trade and Industry Platform (TPP) combines several companies, including trade, legal, information and marketing.