• A series of sensory cutlery “Innovator”. Touch cup “Innovator”

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    Price USD: $1100

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    In continuation of the presentation of the author’s idea of the “Innovator” sensor cutlery series, the “Innovator” platform, after the moderation, puts on the investment show another innovative project – the “Innovator” sensor circle.
    Linked to the work of the Innovator cutlery mobile application, the Innovator sensor mug also performs a number of functions together with other sensor cutlery in this series. Given that the mug is mainly used for hot liquids (tea, coffee…), the touch panel is located on the handle of the cup, which has a wider plane, which allows you to conveniently view information and use the touch screen itself. Sensors placed in the mug itself instantly display the temperature of the liquid in the mug on the touch panel. They can also determine the main composition, for example, caffeine and sugar content. It is possible to view information (calls, SMS, news) from your gadget by pairing it with a sensor mug. The heating element, which is placed at the bottom of the sensor mug, maintains a constant, previously set temperature. As an additional function, a cooling element can also be placed at the bottom of the mug, which will speed up the cooling of hot liquids. Of course, control over all this is carried out from the gadget using the cutlery mobile application. This device is charged using the new wireless charging technology.

    The author of this idea and the “Innovator” platform invite developers of smart devices to introduce technology for a sensor ring that will allow to keep the liquid inside when tipped over.
    An investment component or a full purchase of this author’s idea is being considered.

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