• Alcohol diffuser and air humidifier “Innovator”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    Another unique author’s idea is presented in this presentation. The “Innovator” platform recommends that investors pay attention, as this startup has great chances of growing popularization of a global nature.
    The alcohol diffuser and air humidifier “INNOVATOR” is intended for users of legal age, who are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages within the framework of the current legislation of the respective country. This recommendation is necessary at the beginning of using the device, since the effect of use will not be immediately noticeable. We will describe why so below.

    So, we all use or have heard about quite technically simple air humidification devices using ordinary water dispersion. These devices are used not only at home, but also in public institutions. This technology is especially popular in countries with hot climates or during hot periods in countries with different temperature indicators. The author of this idea invented the technology of combining the benefits of this process with partial satisfaction. At home or in public facilities, the original alcoholic composition is added to the composition of water or instead of water. When spraying such an original liquid, people who are in this room simply and with pleasure inhale the refreshing air, which includes an alcoholic component. Accordingly, the effect will not allow itself to wait for a long time, since absorption of this concentrated alcoholic liquid by air-droplet method occurs quickly. That is why it is necessary to protect minors from being in the room where such a process of spraying using this technology takes place.

    We have a very simple innovative way of combining the useful with the pleasant, in which the users of this technology, by simply inhaling the cool, refreshing air, can get alcohol intoxication of varying degrees, depending on their personal wishes and capabilities.

    However, this technology also has its own marketing prospects in the form of the organization of a global network of original establishments or original closed departments in public entertainment establishments, where alcohol dispersal and hydration services will be provided for individual or public time spent in special premises. It is somewhat reminiscent of places for hookah use, where this process has been reduced to some kind of cult. Our presentation project idea also has a sure chance to match in terms of popularization and increasing its fans. Stationary innovative alcohol humidifiers and diffusers will create a new manufacturing and marketing niche in their field that can be used for home use. This technology can also be used for medical purposes with appropriate technology.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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