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     The growing popularity of karaoke in recent times through the roof. And it’s positive aspects, you can develop more globally, as will be presented below
     The original idea of a startup karaoke duel “Innovator” is that in the on-line mode it is possible to conduct karaoke tournaments, where participants can participate with different parts of our planet. One participant puts the request to participate in karaoke with his song, and waits for a response at the beginning of the competition. And so those participants can join the countless number of parties that in the song the struggle, the program determines the best. These tournaments end with the award ceremony and the title of the performance of the corresponding song.  Participation lasts for quarterly and at the end of the quarter is the best. Accordingly, at the end of the year final tally of all points and results are summarized. The best karaoke performer to be nominated in various projects and was awarded a solid prize.
     The startup has a number of innovative new features:
     1). Present service rates in virtual karaoke money CARD. You can place a bet any man, before it adding to your account at the karaoke duel “Innovator”. The gain can be obtained in each country under the relevant legislation.
     2). Meeting participants and implementation of joint singing projects.
     3). As an additional bonus prizes – meeting with these artists songs members sing in a karaoke duel.
     And much more, which allows the participants of such competitions will converge to test their singing skills.
     The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

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