• An innovative series of “Smart clothing”. Touch scarf “Innovator”

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    Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.

    If there is a similar invention, the platform “Innovator” warns of this. In the case of “smart” scarf that was presented by Microsoft, be warned that there is some semblance of ideological nature.

    Touch scarf “Innovator” is a full-featured mobile device, which works on the principle of a standard pair with Your gadget. Separate parts of this device have a flexible touch panel that allows to manage all the processes that we describe below. Also, the innovation components are present in the form of a thin illumination at the edges of the touch scarf that increase its practicality and beauty. Enclosing a magnetic tape over the entire surface of the scarf, make it very easy and versatile to simulate placing it on the man’s neck.

    Basic features of touch scarf “Innovator” are absolutely standard, his work in mobile mode headset. That is, having built-in microphones and speakers on the ends of this scarf, it the user has full opportunity to answer incoming calls that arrive at Your gadget. In the same area, at the ends of the scarf will be available and flexible touch panels that will allow not only to see information about the incoming call, and alone , with a scarf to make outgoing calls. Be present and vibration function, the function changes the lighting color scarf, also for the implementation of this function will be embedded in a flexible diode elements.

    As standard, the control and adjustment work of the touch of the scarf will be made using the mobile app. Mentioned earlier, pair it with a gadget will be produced by standard procedures. The charging will be implemented as from the charger and using the new wireless charging technology. Care will require an individual approach that will be described in the instructions to use the touch scarf.

    That is, we have a new mobile device that extends the approach to the use of certain wearable smart devices, combining them with individual style and beauty. Not yet be accustomed to seeing the person who was talking on the scarf and something else and clicks. In addition to this, a scarf to glow or shimmers.


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