• BabyIN series. Baby stroller-drone “Innovator”

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    The use of quadcopters is already quite large. The “BabyIN” series in the person of the author of the idea and platform “INnovator” presents a completely new use of quadcopters for domestic purposes, namely to help young parents in moving a baby carriage on uneven surfaces – stairs, pedestrian and underground passages, in bad weather, etc. The invention of the baby carriage-drone carries with it ease of use and rapid popularization among potential users, namely young parents.
    Already available technologies when using drones will not complicate their use in the manufacture of a baby carriage. The wheels remain the main element when moving on a flat surface of a baby stroller-drone. But when the child’s parents encounter bumps while moving, the push button on the handle of the baby stroller has the ability to turn on the fans that are under the stroller, next to the wheels. The fans automatically raise the drone stroller a little and keep it at such a level that it is convenient to move it. When overcoming unevenness, the same key on the handle of the stroller allows you to smoothly stop the fans and lower the stroller to a flat surface. The stroller will not move over bumps, which will allow the baby who is there to feel comfortable. It will also be quite easy and comfortable to lift and lower the cart up the stairs.
    The baby stroller-drone, with greater functionality, will have remote control of the distance with its leading parent and an innovation – a drone-autopilot. This is when the stroller, with the help of round-view cameras, sees the surrounding environment, sees surface irregularities, evaluates all this and automatically turns on and off the fans. All these processes are under the control of the “BabyIN” mobile application, which can also automatically “roll” the stroller along the route set by the user of the baby stroller-drone. All-round cameras provide a clear online signal of the environment when using the drone-autopilot function.
    That is, we have a baby carriage-drone, which simplifies the movement of a baby carriage on uneven sections of the road and stairs. The “drone-autopilot” function, which is installed on the INNOVATOR drone baby stroller, allows you to completely entrust the baby’s walks in the stroller to the stroller itself!
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