• BabyIN series. Smart pacifier “Innovator”

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    Children’s topics are always difficult for parents, especially in the early stages of a child’s growth and upbringing. And any help to young parents will always be received with interest and joy. In today’s presentation, the “Innovator” platform presents a smart pacifier, which is an indispensable element in the peace and comfort of the baby. Especially in the first months of growth and development.
    A pacifier with a small screen that shows the baby’s body temperature is already available over the counter. We leave this function.
    The “Innovator” smart pacifier is primarily associated with the mobile application of the same name, which will be freely available upon purchase of this smart device. When registering in this mobile application, you, as a parent, will have complete and quick information that the smart pacifier will transmit to your gadget through a standard connection. As mentioned earlier, the information will include the child’s body temperature. Then, the ambient temperature; analysis of saliva secretion, which will indicate what the child wants to eat; the smart pacifier will have a microphone, and when the baby cries, the appropriate signal will sound on your smartphone. The function will be necessary if the parents need to leave the sleeping child for some time, and in turn, monitor his sleep. Another innovative function is that when the baby cries, the silicone part of the pacifier will vibrate at different speeds, which will calm the baby for a while. The smart pacifier will be able to change its temperature. It will be convenient, and maybe even necessary, when the teeth are cut. In the short term of the child’s growth, when the baby is still sleeping soundly, does not turn over, it will be possible to connect a bottle with infant formula to the smart pacifier through a tube. If necessary, the smart pacifier will automatically pass the infant formula. Very comfortable, especially at night.
    Naturally, all these processes will be under the control of a mobile application that can be used by both parents and remotely – family and doctors. Registration of the smart pacifier itself in the mobile application will be based on the code that will be provided when purchasing this device.

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