• Bone smart expander “INNOVATOR”

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    In this presentation of the author’s idea, the meaning of the combination of sports orientation and smart capabilities is embedded. It is not entirely possible to understand how these directions can be similar, but the author of the brush smart expander “INnovator” is confident in the perspective of this device, which will be described below. In fact, this device will have one main function, which makes it clear that the presentation will have a short but understandable meaning.
    So, the hand-held smart expander will implement the sports direction, performing its main function today. That is, the user will be able to perform physical actions with the brush of his hands, squeezing and unzipping the expander. The handle of the expander will be either rubber or plastic. But in the bends, on the sides of the expander, there will be branches that will enter the control unit. The branches will serve as a kind of levers designed to physically influence the sensors and devices in the control unit. This is a short description of the mechanical structure of the device.
    Next, smart capabilities will be presented. First of all, the mobile application of the same name will manage and adjust the processes of the smart expander. The application will count the number of physical impacts on the expander and give recommendations on the periods of repetition of these actions. Special signals of the program, through a gadget in which it will be possible to install it, will notify of the beginning and end of physical influences. Naturally, the smart expander will also have the ability to communicate with any gadget as a standard, for its control and adjustment through the existing control unit. To start using it, you will need to download the mobile application and enter your basic physical data.
    But the most important innovative function will be that with the help of the control unit, in which special equipment will be installed, as a result of the influence of the side levers (which will be endowed with the function of the rotor) on the stator winding, electricity will be produced. That is, the user will be able to charge it by connecting the power cable, for example, to his gadget. Or other devices that will need the generated electricity from this device. Also, having small rechargeable batteries in its configuration, the smart expander itself does not need to be charged, as it will provide the necessary recharging itself. Also, the smart expander can include a miniature flashlight.
    Summarizing this presentation, we can conclude that there can be a right combination with smart capabilities in the sports direction as well. Bone smart expander “INnovator” is a clear example, the innovative functions of which will serve to increase its popularization and rapid marketing promotion. Also, this device will be very convenient on hikes or trips where there is no access to a standard power supply network.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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