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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    Sometimes the administration of the “Innovator” platform, after studying the application for submitting an idea, concludes that the submitted idea is unique and completely innovative. Even the simplest idea can hide quite a lot of investment and financial potential. And in this presentation of this author’s idea, a startup project will be written, which fully corresponds to the above principle.
    Given that the topic of this author’s idea is completely innovative, let’s try to reveal it as deeply as possible. The main functionality will be focused on the process of incoming and outgoing calls of your gadget. To some extent, there will be an entertaining content in the work of this program, to some extent the process of statistics and evaluation of the processes that take place during telephone conversations will work.
    So, when the subscriber in his mobile device, let’s take an ordinary smartphone, presses the call button of the selected number or subscriber, the main camera is automatically activated. And when the user holds his smartphone to his ear, the camera takes one or more photos, or makes a video recording of the angle or space in front of him. The photo or video function can be selected first when configuring the operation of this program. In the case of an incoming call, when the subscriber pressed the call button, a similar algorithm of operation of the call photofixing program takes place.
    The front camera can also be used. But it will shoot when the user enters the phone book or the call menu of his smartphone, and turns off when he puts his smartphone to his ear.
    The question arises – why is this necessary!?; or what do we get from it?
    Let’s start with the game component – the user of this program will always have a photo recording of the places where he made his phone calls and received incoming calls. At the end of the day, the call recording program creates a fairly simple and colorful video from these photos and makes it available for viewing by its user. Or you can simply view, as separate information, these photos and video materials next to each call in the call menu. That is, a new call status appears – not only information about their date and time, but also information about calls with photo and video recording of the surrounding space.
    The component of the work of this application in terms of professional functionality is that at the end of the day, along with the video report, the user is provided with a card with labels where all phone calls were made. By clicking on the mark on the provided map, the user sees a photo or video from the place of the call. The map is generated in real time, which will allow you to view it at any moment during the day, having access to the account in this application. Accordingly, it can be done remotely. For example, parents who are unsure about their child’s activities may need it to view and monitor their child’s phone calls. Also for internal corporate use by managers of companies of various levels, etc.
    These are some of the main components in the future work of this mobile application.
    That is, we have an innovative mobile program that will provide completely new information about the processes that occur when using mobile devices.
    The author’s idea of the mobile application of photo capture of the call “INNOVATOR” is open both for investment and for its full purchase.

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