• Car wheel smart caps “Innovator”

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    This device, in its main purpose, serves as a beautiful and aesthetic accessory for cars of any type and purpose. “Innovator” car wheel smart caps can be attached to car wheels of any type and size with the help of their universal fasteners. The description of the main smart capabilities will be described below.

    So, the adjustment and management of smart caps will be a mobile application of the same name, since the application will have enough color and light emission options. The smart caps themselves are a flexible LED or touch panel of the appropriate shape, on the panel of which it is possible to display information in any acceptable format. The user who purchases “Innovator” smart caps installs the corresponding mobile application. In order to gain access to the management of these devices, the user registers the number of a set of smart caps in the program. Further, after gaining access, you can start management.

    LED or sensor smart caps will differ only in their cost and functionality, as the information that will be displayed on them will differ. That is, if it will be possible to display only color and light flow on the LED, then on the sensor information of any type and any content. Today, it will not be very convenient to charge these smart devices, but certain experts are working on this issue. For now, you need to remove the smart caps and leave them to charge for a certain amount of time to charge, as they will have a waterproof battery pack built into them. There will also be an opportunity to equip “INNOVATOR” wheel smart car caps with video cameras and speakers. But how it will happen in practice, the moderation of the “Innovator” platform will describe below.
    So, the user, when installing these smart devices on the wheels of his car and connecting them using a standard connection method, begins to display information on their LED or sensor plane. For example, using a gadget with the appropriate application installed, display the desired color and light flow under the color of your car on the LED panel, or display video material with sound on the touch panel of the smart cap, or take a photo or video image and place it there. or just turn on the sound stream. From the outside, especially in the dark, all this will look quite colorful and presentable.

    That is, knowing that most of the beauty of a car is the appearance of its wheels, when using “Innovator” smart wheel caps, aesthetics and beauty will be at the extreme level. Moreover, the innovativeness of this author’s idea complements the sound effect and photo and video capabilities.


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