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    As it is customary to consider in the approach to presentations, the “INnovator” platform shows only innovative and investment-prospecting ideas in its publications of author’s projects. In this author’s idea, the “Innovator” platform, we show, for the consideration of potential investors, a global approach to solving an invisible problem, which can be implemented quite quickly and independently.
    So the majority of the world’s population are religious people. At home and in churches, temples, cathedrals and mosques, believers mostly pray to icons or images of saints. Each icon or image accompanies a church holiday. It should also be taken into account that almost every day there is a celebration of one or another holy holiday. Some believers go to church and holiday services, some do not. Everything depends on the degree of personal busyness, or on the degree of one’s personal lack of knowledge.

    The church smart icon “Innovator”, which will be described below, will serve as an innovative solution to this issue, which consists in the believers’ daily awareness of the presence and observance of certain church holidays, church traditions (church fasting).
    A smart icon is a touch panel of any permissible size, which, according to the capabilities and wishes of its user, can be framed by any baguette frame with a built-in speaker. But the main functional tool in the implementation of this project is the mobile program of the same name, which controls and adjusts the operation of this very smart icon by means of a standard connection with your gadget. The mobile application, downloaded by default from available operating systems, sets its main parameters with the help of the user. Namely, religion, country and gender of the user. And then, already in automatic mode, by connecting your gadget and the smart icon, the mobile application displays information about church events on the sensor plane of the icon – images and faces of saints that are tied directly to the date, online church services, reminders about holidays, terms of church rites and traditions. All this will be available in home and stationary conditions.
    Mobile (small) versions of smart icons will also be available, in appropriate sizes, for use outside the home or office, which can be carried in wallets or purses. Believers often wear ordinary mini-icons.

    That is, now it will be possible without difficulty to be aware of all planned and passing church events, relying on a smart device – a smart icon, which will not only remind about them, but also display the appropriate image – the faces and images of saints – on its sensor plane. Charging will take place both according to the standard scheme and with the help of new wireless charging technology.


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