• Complex of New Year’s smart decorations “Innovator”

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    Of course, it is not quite the time to present this original idea related to the New Year’s theme, but the administration of the “Innovator” platform considered this project to have a solid perspective and investment attractiveness. The complex of New Year’s smart decorations “INnovator” includes a mobile New Year’s application, Christmas tree smart balls and a New Year’s light controller. Below we will begin to describe all this in order.
    First of all, we will describe in detail the innovative Christmas tree smart ball. This is quite an ambitious smart product, because at the first stage of production and marketing promotion, it will be quite expensive. So, the smart ball in its configuration will have a video camera, miniature speakers and LCD displays on the entire front surface of the Christmas ball. With this equipment, the smart ball will be able to reproduce all the captured information around its location. This information can be played immediately on the LCD display of this ball, can be played with a set delay time and transmitted to the user’s gadget or video recording system, where the corresponding mobile application is installed. Also, on the displays of the Christmas tree smart ball, it will be possible to reproduce any information that will be transmitted from the user’s gadget, I use this mobile application for this. That is, now ordinary Christmas tree balls have turned into an innovative product that combines a basic New Year’s decoration with a number of functions of a smart device.
    Next, the New Year’s light controller is a device that controls all input and output information from New Year’s smart balls and garlands. The control consists in sending and receiving commands using a gadget on which the New Year’s mobile program is installed, according to the principle of standard connection. All New Year’s smart balls are connected to each other by a conductive connection for their electrical power, and, accordingly, the reception and transmission of the above information. All electrical wires from these balls converge into the New Year’s light controller to perform its smart functions. That is, the main stationary device for controlling all the above-mentioned processes is precisely this New Year’s light controller. Light why, because it will be possible to connect ordinary garlands to control their light and color emission.
    And the most important functional tool in this process is the New Year’s mobile application, which will be the basis of all the above-mentioned work. In this mobile application, the user will be able to see the entire environment from the built-in cameras in the smart balls, transmit any video and audio information to them, adjust the light and color emission of the garlands. The connecting link between the smart balls and the gadget will be a New Year’s light controller, which must have a WI-FI signal for its operation, because the user must be able to fully use this whole complex of New Year’s smart decorations “Innovator” and at a remote distance.


    In his presentation to the administration of the “Innovator” platform, the author submitted a larger description of this idea, which describes a number of processes of the complex of New Year’s smart decorations, but for faster perception, the administrators shortened it to the maximum permissible vocabulary.


    This idea is ready for both its investment and its full redemption.

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