• Crowdfunding messenger “Innovator”

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    WARNING!!! An ideological bestseller!

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    We will not tell and present the standard work of the existing messengers that we use, but we will reveal the innovative component of this startup and give an example of its work. So, the majority of mobile Internet users have an idea about mobile messengers and their ease of use. But this is mainly a friendly or business correspondence, which involves the transfer of information of any nature and content from a user or a group of users to their subscribers. The crowdfunding messenger also leaves these standard features. Next, the innovative components will be described. The first thing that will be available in correspondence between subscribers is that there will be an opportunity to earn money on the basis of your correspondence.

    That is, if someone is interested in selling their personal correspondence, these subscribers include the crowdfunding function in their messenger. Another user who is interested in accessing this personal correspondence makes the appropriate payment and receives personal access. And so any other willing. But this is not yet the full function of the INNOVATOR crowdfunding messenger. Users, when activating the crowdfunding service of their correspondence, set a budget for full and general access to it. If the amount of monetary fees is full, then personal correspondence of users becomes publicly available. That is, as mentioned earlier, now the principle of crowdfunding is available in the functions of the messenger. It will also be possible to use the completely opposite function of crowdfunding – subscribers who conduct correspondence will pay anyone for reading their correspondence. That is, any third-party user who saw such an opportunity can earn a certain amount of money just for reading someone’s correspondence. In this short presentation of the author’s idea of the crowdfunding messenger “INnovator”, the main, but not all, functionality of its work is revealed. But it is already clear, according to the experts of the “Innovator” platform, that this startup will create a new niche in user communication due to its innovative functionality. Growth and investment attractiveness are guaranteed!

    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.


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