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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.


    The idea is that the headgear (cap, cap, baseball cap) with the help of appropriate receptors can monitor the health of the user of this, I am not afraid to say, smart device. This headgear measures blood pressure and intracranial, heartbeat, pulse, etc. Accordingly, it is connected to the gadget with the help of a mobile application, where the necessary data is output. The program monitors these data, and in case of exceeding the norm according to the measured parameters, gives a signal in a pre-programmed way – to the user, the user’s relatives, the treating doctor.
    Also, this device, which has a visor in its shape, has a dual use. The visor can be folded so that the user can see the screen in front of his eyes. That is, the visor itself, and it is quite clear to understand with the example of a baseball cap, serves as a screen in front of the eyes in the form of. Various information from the user’s connected gadget will be displayed on it. The screen can be either transparent or darkened.


    Also, headphones will be built into the “Innovator” headgear, which will allow you to reproduce the necessary information.


    The idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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