• Inflatable socks and gaiters “Innovator”

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    This author’s idea, which was started with inflatable shoes, has its continuation in a new type of consumer product – inflatable socks and gaiters “Innovator”. Its new functionality and ease of use will be described below.
    Of course, to appreciate the convenience of using inflatable socks, you need, first of all, and most importantly, to try this innovative product in action. Inflatable socks have several useful functions. First of all, this is a very warm and energy-saving type of product. The leg will never get cold in it. It is also very convenient to wear inflatable socks for those people who have a foot disease called flat feet. The foot will always feel comfortable. In warm weather, you will be able to wear another type of inflatable socks – these are inflatable socks with ventilation holes, which will allow the feet not to sweat.

    A fairly dense and strong material will allow you to fill the chambers of inflatable socks with air to a good pressure. This will allow them to be used in any, even extreme situations. There will also be two ways to put on and inflate these socks. The first is that when putting on inflatable socks, the user immediately fills them with air to the point where it would be comfortable to use them. The second, more innovative method is that the inflation occurs after the user puts them on and shoes them on. Then the air filling of the sock, which is already in the shoes, will take place to the limits when the user will be as comfortable as possible to wear them. The problem, when sometimes our shoes are not the right size, will not play a role anymore. The inflatable sock will adjust the size of the shoe with its inflatable state within one or two sizes. That is, adjusting the shoe size by changing the shoe itself takes a back seat. As mentioned earlier, this function is performed by an inflatable sock.

    The second innovative product is inflatable gaiters. They also serve to preserve human warmth within their functional application and appropriate size. But they will serve as another innovative way of application in some sports. It is mainly football where these inflatable gaiters will contain numerous impacts during the game. This protective feature will prevent players from many injuries during football games.
    It was not described before, but the author of this idea also proposes to use this technology for medical purposes. For example, the production of inflatable corsets for those people who have problems with the spine, inflatable bandages for joints and muscles in the postoperative period and after injuries.

    One, perhaps for the first time, inconvenience will be that you need to have standard compressor equipment to inflate the presented consumer innovative products with air. This will be a new niche for production development and marketing promotion, since these compressor units should be quite compact, silent and hysterically beautiful.
    So now it is possible to inflate some types of clothing, which will increase the comfort and safety of our daily life.
    The idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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