• Information platform of undervalued startups “INSTART”

    SN: SU26062023520

    Price USD: $3100

    This startup is a constituent element unique business model “Innovator”!

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    We carry quite ambitious ideas in our heads. Quite often we try to implement them. But not so often our actions end in success due to our ignorance or lack of resources to implement these same ideas. Although very often our new ideas retain a serious potential, sometimes of a global nature. This is how the author of this author’s idea was born to create an information resource for presentations of this kind of information to give startups a chance to find like-minded people or potential investors. Similar platforms already exist, even following the example of the investment and crowdfunding platform “Innovator”. However, the information platform of undervalued startups “INSTART” will be both the first and the last steps in the implementation of their startups by their authors, which will be described below in this presentation.

    So, in order for the author of his idea or project to be able to assess his chances at the beginning of his journey, he posts a summary of his startup project or idea on this information platform. The first and main rule of this information resource will be that all submitted applications will be published only after moderation for spelling and punctuation errors. Then the expert group of the “INSTART” platform evaluates the prospects of the submitted application and gives its expert opinion. After that, it is possible to make the first public conclusions about the growth prospects of the presented idea. When a certain amount of positive feedback is collected in the form of comments or the first investment proposals are available (which will be specified in the terms of use), the “INSTART” platform functionality will automatically generate an application for submitting this project to existing crowdfunding platforms, similar to the “INnovator” platform. This is the first task of the startup “INSTART”.

    The second task will be the publication of those proposals and ideas that have not found any resource support both on this platform and on crowdfunding platforms of various thematic areas. That is, having an undiscovered potential of an idea and not having resource support, there is still a chance to get it, but only in its deeper study. If it is simpler, then the second task of this information resource is an attempt to give another chance for the implementation of his project by its author. The investor, viewing the publication of ideas, will be able to view options with a high rating, as well as see investment prospects in secondary projects. If, in the opinion of a potential investor, the idea has a serious perspective, then he can be a participant in its promotion starting from the “INSTART” platform, but after accepting the rules and conditions of such cooperation.
    So, summing up the results of this presentation, the “Innovator” platform revealed a completely new business cell, which, in the conditions of growth and popularization of the startup movement, will serve as a good and promising investment project.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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