• Innovation, Inclusivity, Safety of Life

    The certificate for the Idea was presented to Volodymyr Anatoliyovych Voronov, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, member of the Education Committee for the creation of the first all-Ukrainian ONLINE kindergarten. This is an innovative platform for early childhood development, where there is daily electronic planning of activities for children, which is quite relevant and useful during the war.

    The curriculum meets the state standard. On the website you can find a schedule for a child of different ages for every day with all the necessary educational materials and pictures – more than 100,000 author’s illustrations.

    “In this difficult time for our country, we remember the children who are with us. That is why we launched an ONLINE kindergarten so that every child from 2 to 6 years old has the opportunity to learn and develop. We provide access to the Mr.Leader online system for free. The platform contains materials and tasks for educators and parents who do not have a pedagogical education. This is the first program for preschool institutions, which includes not only the development of children, but also care and monitoring – studying the child. Our products develop children’s skills such as creativity, sociability, critical thinking and collaboration,” – Volodymyr Voronov.

    Ideas work and are implemented.

    Together to victory! Together under the peaceful sky!