• Innovative mobile app “Mother-Father”

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    Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.

    Platform “Innovator” with its collective responsibility declares that the author’s idea of an innovative mobile app “Mom-Dad” is completely new and unique that gives all the chances of its investment interest and promotion of all age categories of users who will use it as the accounting services, the relationship of children with their parents.

    Now, a lot of the time points related to the relationship of children and their parents, are not observed. A lot of forgotten events, and this relationship may weaken or even rupture. All of these actions often occur, even not on purpose, we do not plan and cannot control. This is not always the case but happens often.

    The functionality of an innovative mobile app “Mom-Dad” will have unlimited period of use, as this startup is aimed at the continuation of the work, since its registration within the same family with the condition and the possibility of its subsequent transfer to the next family generation. That is, his usage will be transmitted from parents to their children as a family heirloom that will retain all the information, which will be described below.

    The application will be directed to maintaining and improving the relationship of children with their parents using the original specifications and functionality. New users begin their use with the registration, which indicates personal and contact information, and their parents. Also the necessary requirements for the proper functioning need to be activated for permanent control of the geolocation data of parents and children. Further action includes the functionality of an innovative mobile app “Mother-Father”.

    First, the app will focus on what would be the relationship of children with their parents on a regular basis. The whole family life will be reflected in the form of a calendar, which you can view and remember all the past moments and events that took place in the joint family life of the respective generation. Events and moments will be recorded using video and photo materials, for example photo album. It will be a virtual family photo album, the formation of which will never end.

    When children and parents live together, the application will remind them of joint festivals and events, both parties can lead their family diaries, photos and videos will be automatically tied to dates and events. And already in the separate custody of the children and parents, primarily a function of geolocation is to know about the whereabouts of family members, because this is important to control the movement of elderly parents by children. The app will constantly remind the children that they should visit their parents in their old age, this need increases. Of course, all these visits will be recorded in the calendar. It is desirable that in such family visits and meetings were photos and videos that will improve the information content of memories during a calendar view. The application can bind a variety of services monitoring of health status of both children and their parents. For example, wearable smart devices that monitor blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, etc. A complete list of functionality of the future mobile bestseller!

    That is, in the end of the presentation the author’s ideas we can say that there is a mobile application that bude maintain records and partial organization of family life, it can and should be transferred through generations. The app name is selected such as main memories will be directed on the lives of our parents in the face of Moms and Dads!


    The idea is open to both investment and full buyout.

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