• Innovative mobile application “Active phase of the person”

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    In this presentation, the innovative platform “Innovator” confirms its innovative approach in solving and presenting ideas and projects of a global nature. Thus, this presentation of another author’s idea has a global character, which will be confirmed in the information that will be presented below. It is also necessary to indicate that this innovative service – the innovative mobile application “Active phase of the person” can be used both separately as a mobile application and with existing platforms, messengers and social networks.
    So, there are already quite a few services that work on changes or transformations of new and existing photo and video materials. This innovative service has the same direction, only it is aimed at real tracking and smart transformation of existing photo and video materials. The human face was taken as the basis of all real transformations, since quite a lot of criteria or characteristics of an individual person are determined in the face. For example, a person’s age, facial expressions, emotions and much more.
    Functionality of the mobile application “Active phase of the face”, when a new user is registered, requires access to the gallery of photo and video materials. The user defines himself or another person who is shown in the photo or video materials for further processing. Only the face of the selected person is taken into account in the functionality of the application and its processing is carried out with the subsequent provision of the final result. The end result is an artistic or cartoon representation of a person who changes over a corresponding period of time based on available photo and video materials. That is, the application provides its user with a kind of active phase of a person’s face in the form of a clip of a previously specified format, on which there was a corresponding command to perform an innovative procedure. In the provided clip, the user will be able to observe the dynamics of his or another person’s change based on the appropriate number of photos and video materials, where the time and place of the photo and video shooting will also be indicated.
    In social networks and messengers, this mobile application will be able to show the results of its work brighter and brighter, because in this service users have a larger number of photos and video materials. That is, the use of this service will be more interesting in combination with existing global social networks and messengers.
    The results of the innovative mobile application “Active phase of the person” can be forwarded as a file to any user, because the photos and video materials taken by each user are different, and it will be quite interesting to get such a file from another user, where your active phase of the person will be.

    Moderation of the INnovator platform is confident in the global growth and popularization of this mobile application.

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