• Innovative mobile application “ActivePhoto”

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    Price USD: $2900

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    The innovative author’s idea of the “ActivePhoto” mobile application is quite clear and easy to use, which will consist in the use of already existing photos in the gadgets of its users. Below, in a fairly short description, you will be able to understand the entire functionality of the presented startup and participate in its investment or full buyout, as according to the experts of the “Innovator” platform, this mobile application has fairly stable growth prospects.
    The main task of this mobile application will be to maximize the attention of all the user’s friends and acquaintances to the photos and video materials previously selected by him. That is, the user wanted special attention to be paid to some of his photos posted on social networks or messengers. He notes these photo and video materials and uses the functionality of the innovative mobile application “ActivePhoto” for them. You can mark your photo and video materials both on your pages in social networks and in your personal photo gallery. The functionality of the program, when a photo and video is selected, can perform, at the user’s choice, several actions:
    1. Scroll the selected photo around the axis.
    2. Change its color palette.
    3. Make a visual vibration of this image.
    4. Accompany its display with sound or vibration signals.
    5. Apply to draw attention to the relevant image, emoticons and GIFs.
    To put it simply, some selected images of users who have received public access to view them in social networks and messengers will be active using the above actions to draw maximum attention to them from friends, acquaintances and third parties in the process of communication and use of social networks and messengers And third-party users, when they see such activity of some images, will understand that this user is virtually asking them to pay special attention to this or that photo or video, as there is something special or unique in it.
    To start work, already in the standard action of any user, this mobile application must be installed on your gadget. When installing the program, the functionality will request access to the photo gallery of its new user. Then the user simply marks the image and waits for increased attention to the selected photo and video materials in the form of likes or relevant comments.
    We have a brand new and innovative mobile product that can be used on any available mobile device and applied without restrictions in any country. That is, this startup has prospects for global growth!
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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