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    The presentation of the author’s idea of the innovative mobile application “Family Mirror” is somewhat similar to the “mirror” service that is used by members of social networks. Its meaning is that in automatic mode, the functionality of the program looks for people who are the same in age, date of birth, first name or last name. In this way, new and interesting contacts of social network users come out. In our presentation version, work is offered according to the “mirror” principle, only of the family type, which, in turn, is divided into several blocks.

    So, there is probably nothing more responsible and important for people than the family and the relationships that are built in it. A strong family is a guarantee of stability and prosperity at the state level. And such examples of strong and stable families, according to the author of this idea, should be an example for imitation at the social level.

    The main functionality of this program will be an automatic global search for similar families that will share blocks. New members, during registration, will need to specify the main parameters, namely the number of family members, their gender and age, names. It will also be possible to specify, if desired, additional parameters, which will increase the selectivity and accuracy of the search for the requested data. This is where the block search will come into play, as the results of such a mirror family search will be divided by blocks. The blocks will differ in the accuracy of the similarity of families – this is when not only the main parameters will converge, but also additional ones. For example, one of the parameters of similarity will be the weight and height of family members.
    What do we get from this program? We have public examples of similarities that attract examples of imitation. But the main task will be to find, get to know and strengthen the relationship of such mirror-like families. New and new family acquaintances of a global level will appear very quickly, and most importantly, with enthusiasm. The opportunity provided by the innovative “Family Mirror” application will be evaluated by the number of such new family acquaintances.
    Based on this presentation, we can conclude that the application will serve as an increase in family acquaintances, an increase in pleasant family meetings and a very good social example.



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