• Innovative mobile application “Mobile Living Organism” or “LIV”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    This author’s idea is a mechanism for transforming a gadget of any format (smartphone, tablet) into a living organism that can, according to a certain algorithm of its actions, communicate with its user by means of sounds, vibrations, light or color radiation. That is, the gadget will not let you forget about its existence even when you are not using it.

    So, the innovative mobile application “Mobile Living Organism” or “Living Organism” in its main functionality will be somewhat similar to the previously popular Tamagotchi game. uses his gadget. The operation and functioning of the gadget will definitely be a time when it is not used. And it is at this time that the application begins to function. Examples of these actions will follow.
    Let’s start with what self-reminding functions this gadget will be equipped with. Let’s start with beeps and sounds. For example, when the gadget is almost discharged, it is not a standard sound that informs about it, but a full-sized sound message – “…name…, your battery is discharged”, or – “…name.. ., you have a new text message. Oh, and other things. That is, all the things we used to read, now we can listen. But these are the most important functions.

    It will be very pleasant for both the user and the gadget itself when this user simply strokes his gadget on the screen. The application, with the help of a gadget, will be able to say thank you or even make a sound in the form of a cat purring. And vice versa, when the gadget understands that it is being treated carelessly, and everything is thrown in such a style, then the application can scold and recommend changing its attitude towards it with its audio statements. The vibration module will work quite nicely while working in this application. Pleasant and synchronous vibrations will be able to transmit, for example, the heartbeat of both the user and another connected person in the system of this startup. Or a simple combination of sound signal when playing video of any format and content.
    It is possible to combine other existing mobile programs that work in the user’s gadget into the functionality of the MZHO. For example, an alarm clock or calendar business reminders will sound completely different because they will be able to combine standard sounds and images with a lot of thematic sounds and images of this application.

    That is, summing up this short and incomplete presentation, we can say that an ordinary smartphone or tablet turns into a living organism with its own character and habits, based on the wishes of the user, who can set these parameters at the beginning of use, or adjust them in while using this startup. It’s just a virtual friend or girlfriend who won’t let the user get bored :)!
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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