• Innovative mobile application “Mood”

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    In this presentation of the author’s idea of the innovative mobile application “Mood”, recommendations will be displayed on the basis of which users will be able to receive certain necessary information that will affect the emotional state in terms of improving mood and strengthening self-esteem. It will be a kind of mobile psychologist with enhanced capabilities and round-the-clock access to his “patient”.
    In this innovative mobile application, the combined remoteness of psychological and dialogue services is clearly visible, where their users will receive the necessary and valuable virtual help and support from it. Moderation of the “Innovator” platform will show below how this will happen in action.
    So, first of all, a new user of this program, after installing it, gives access to some functions of his gadget. This is a gallery of photos and videos, a calendar with reminders of scheduled events, access to auditory analysis of incoming and outgoing conversations, weather forecast programs, etc.
    All this access is necessary for a sufficiently accurate and complete analysis of the user’s psychological and emotional state by the “Mood” mobile application, which will subsequently allow to perform all its functional capabilities. The program will be able to work both in automatic mode and in manual mode. This means that the user will be able to receive the right advice or conduct the necessary dialogue by making a personal request to the program’s functionality. Or to receive similar information in automatic mode, when the function will refer to the activity of its user when using his gadget, since the individual analysis of a person will be formed by the application only in this way.
    The program, having received appropriate access, begins to evaluate its user. The most important parameter of the analysis and assessment will be the timbre and intonation of the voice. When the user has an emotional and loud conversation, the program will first start sending the user relevant recommendations in the form of SMS or a reminder on the central screen of the gadget. For example, a recommendation to visit a cinema, with the possibility of booking tickets, or a visit to relatives or friends, indicating the reason for their visit, or recommendations in the form of hot tourist applications, etc. All these recommendations will help calm the user’s emotional state and restore a good mood. In manual mode, the user simply asks this program any question. For example, “what should I do about my overweight problem?” The application provides appropriate individual recommendations for monitoring their implementation. All this will also play a role in elevating the personal mood and the incentive to realize the corresponding goal.
    To expand the capabilities of the program, there will be a paid online dialogue service with a psychologist so that the user can finally satisfy his emotional needs.
    The innovative mobile application “Mood” will be a full-fledged assistant and adviser to its user, designed to increase his persistence and increase personal self-esteem.


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