• Innovative mobile application “Smart mascot”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    The author proposes to use this innovative author’s idea as a separate mobile application, as well as in existing user accounts in social networks and messengers. A fairly simple functionality will allow you to see the operation of this mobile application and use the information it provides very easily and daily. The operation of this mobile application will be described below and preliminary results of use will be shown.


    Innovative mobile application “Smart-talisman” can be applicable to any type of operating system. At the beginning of the work, the functionality of the program will ask the new user for some data – date of birth, gender, and photo. This will be enough for the program to be able to start analyzing the user and issue relevant information. Also, as mentioned earlier, the Smart Talisman application can be linked to existing accounts in social networks or messengers, which will simplify the registration procedure and collection of information about the user.

    So, when registering, the user will receive a graphic image of his personal mascot from the mobile application, existing data is used. This graphic image will be able to accompany its user in all accounts and messengers, which will be placed on their cover photos. That is, the user’s individual talisman will bring him strength and confidence on a permanent basis while using his gadget. This graphic virtual mascot can be customized in such a way that it can change its appearance every day. Or another time period, depending on what parameters will be set by the user. That is, the appearance of the smart mascot will change. This can be applicable to increase the number of users of this mobile application as it will be quite interesting to see your customized mascot every day.

    Also, as part of the functionality, there will be another service – a wish, which is recommended for the period of time for which the smart talisman will operate. This wish will be in the form of a graphically written text or an audio message. The smart mascot will be able to replace the photos of its user on its accounts at a time when the user wants to hide from third-party users his main photo, where his real image is.
    At the end of the description, summing up the results of this presentation, it can be said that to the usual use of his account, the user attaches the virtual, and maybe even the mystical effect of individual talismans.


    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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