• Innovative mobile application “Smart Nickname”

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    Of the many ideas that users try to present on the INnovator platform, moderation presents unique and innovative ones. And this presentation will present another innovative idea that has no analogues. It carries in itself both an entertainment component and a public assessment of individuality, which is described.

    So, since childhood and adolescence, most of them have probably experienced a situation when, without their personal intervention, outsiders, friends, classmates or group mates call and invent nicknames. This, for the most part, is done “behind the back” of this or that person. Also, nicknames, for the most part, do not carry a positive reaction of the person who was nicknamed.

    The innovative mobile application “Smart Nickname” in its main functionality helps to organize and adjust this process so that it is open both to people who invent nicknames and to people who receive these nicknames. That is, nicknames can now be selected, adjusted and changed. And all this will be open, and there will be practically no negative emotions in this matter. Below is an example of the work of this startup.

    There will be no registration. When choosing a nickname, users will need to enter a number of data. And the more data there is, the more accurate the result will be. That is, users can enter the last name, first name, occupation and other data, after which the result will be obtained.

    The final data provided by this mobile application can be used both for personal and public purposes. This means that a smart nickname can be automatically attached to the profiles and accounts in social networks and messengers of any user who chooses to choose his smart nickname and leave it for public use.

    This service will allow nicknames to be assigned openly, which will reduce the negative consequences of this process, since this process will be open and available to everyone. Also, the humorous and playful component will be quite interesting, which will allow to increase the audience of users.

    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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