• Innovative mobile application “Term of Life”

    SN: SU16092023591

    Price USD: $500

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    The author of this innovative start-up has invested in it a rather simple functionality, which, when launched, will work in automatic mode and carry an information service. The service will be individual to each of its users, even in some cases it will be an integral part of the use of related Internet resources. Perhaps, the innovative mobile application “Term of Life” will be initially perceived as incorrect by relevant Internet critics. However, the moderation of the “Innovator” platform offers a suitable presentation for your investment consideration.

    So, as already mentioned, the functionality will be quite simple and understandable for every user. When launching the innovative Lifetime mobile app, a new user simply provides their date of birth and allows access to their social media accounts and, optionally, their photo gallery. Further, upon compliance with the terms of use of this startup, a window will appear on each page in the user’s social networks and (or) on photo and video materials, showing the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds lived. The data will be displayed in active mode, that is, the user will constantly see how his life is going in a temporal sense and how long he has already lived. Of course, this is not a mandatory requirement for every user to install this mobile application, but it will be useful to be constantly aware of such a temporary and vital value.
    Another function of this startup will be quite relevant today – in the terms of use, there will be a requirement for access to this program for several close people of the user. That is, when registering, a new user indicates the possibility of access to several of his close relatives or friends. The functionality of this application will notify them about this upon registration. This is necessary so that when this user dies, any of the previously selected users would be able to enter the functionality of the given user’s program and put the appropriate mark that this user died. After that, the active life counter will be stopped on all social media accounts of the deceased user. This will be another information service of this startup.

    The administration of the “INnovator” platform, while moderating this author’s idea, came to the conclusion that this startup will be quite interesting for large Internet corporations, as it involves the full globalization of this innovative service in the matter of the above-mentioned topic. This is the first such service. Of course, the author did not disclose the full functionality of this startup.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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