• Innovative mobile supplement “Grand Service”

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    The author of the idea presented to his mobile addendum promotes all essential services. It’s a simple idea to report on the moderation of the INnovator platform, but if it’s done correctly and professionally, then this service can prove itself on a global level to get it fast and promising! Below will be written the main functional possibilities of this addendum.
    So the axis, the author proposes to the new coristuvacha simplifications the method of coristuvannya, which means that the presence of whether or not the registration is connected with the oblique records or the exact records. The main and most popular services will be repaid on the special side of the mobile supplements, as coristuvachs will give the priority of the mother in this start-up. The list will include a standard list of programs, but be it possible to customize yoga for your request. The priority for the winner will be the voice control method. An innovative way to control will be hard hands, including slaps and slits. Tobto, koristuvach program in tsmu overhead kіlkіst and periodicity of this kind of gestures and pіdv’yazuє їх up to the assigned type of service. The appendix can be used even when the screen is locked, so the programmed gestures and voice commands of the appendix will be recognized even in this mode.
    Innovative addendum “Grand Service” can be stosovnym and to the main mobile services. You can connect with him and use the same functional and innovative methods of management. For example, up to the basic programs and add-ons, like the functions of a “smart booth”. Or services for calling a taxi or delivering food to your home. One click of the fingers of the hands, and in addition we give our koristuvache the ability to remember the previously programmed service. The more, after the installed function, the screen of the gadget will be automatically unlocked for a larger version of the device.
    As well as adding a few bags of a short presentation, the innovative mobile addendum “Grand Service” can give its shortlisted people a simple menu for the most important services and connect with themselves like functional services. In this manner, one mobile resource can replace a number of similar resources, as well as to propagate the entire process of providing services to the corystuvants.


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