• Innovative network of musical substitution “MUZAOKE”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
    We present to your attention a completely new type of musical entertainment in the form of a mobile application, and the systematization of existing examples. And the name of the innovative network “MUZAOKE” was invented based on the example of a popular musical direction – KARAOKE.
    In the name, you can understand the approximate meaning.
    Very often, listening to this or that song, we can sing or re-sing it in our own way and with our own intonation. We can insert our own words, couplets. We can completely change it, as artists and singers sometimes do in entertainment programs, taking into account modernity or taking into account retro.
    This new mobile application allows to systematize this direction and introduce it to mass use as a new musical and entertainment innovation. The meaning and functionality looks like this – in a large catalog of songs, the user of this startup chooses the song he likes. Then he selects musical genres in which the automatically selected song, after the corresponding command, goes through the arrangement and is played. And vice versa – a melody is selected, and words are automatically superimposed on it in the style and genre previously chosen by the user. Also, to help the music application, it is possible to add keywords or phrases that should sound in the new song.
    Also, according to the principle of communication in social networks, it will be possible to exchange new melodies or set tasks to your friends to create a new song with the help of original SMS tasks. And of course, they will put new compositions on their tape of musical masterpieces, that’s what the news tape will be called, for their listening and evaluation. Over time, the function of automatically superimposing a video sequence on created songs will be added.
    That is, a startup is presented that is opposite to the functionality of KARAOKE, and now it will be possible to rewrite songs in your own way in an automatic mode, without infringing existing copyrights on it. Show them for public display and arrange ratings, conduct online auditions and even arrange interactive group performances.
    Maybe the described functionality does not fully reveal this idea, but the novelty and innovative component will be quite promising and popular.
    This idea is open both for its investment and for its full purchase.

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