• Innovative network of spray cafes “Inspray”

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    Many innovative spray products are already presented on the INnovator platform. The author of these original innovative products advanced further in his ideas and presented an innovative project – an innovative network of spray cafes “INnovator”. He proposes to develop a completely new network of public catering establishments with a new approach in using all previously presented spray products. Below, in a fairly short presentation, all this will be described.

    So, including the fact that there is already a sufficient number of innovative spray products, which can already afford to be the general original composition in the menu of the innovative spray cafe “INnovator”. That is, visitors who will visit these communal food establishments will be able to fully satisfy themselves with the full flavor composition of spray products. The operation of these establishments, including a specific new approach to work, will differ in functionality from standard existing cafes and restaurants. Here it will be possible to consume innovative food both with cutlery (spoons and forks) and without them – for each corresponding spray can, each visitor will be provided with plastic caps, with the help of which it will be possible to put any available spray food in the mouth . . That is, the visitor who ordered the corresponding menu receives these caps with the order, puts them on the spray cans and by simply pressing the cap itself, places the food either on the plate or directly in the mouth. The visitor chooses the dosage himself, referring, if desired, to the recommendations that will be offered together with the order. It will also be possible to order a ready-made meal, the preparation of which will be handled by the chef of the spray cafe directly from the existing spray products. As can already be seen from the existing previously presented spray products, both regular spray products and alcohol-filled ones will be available.

    The service of virtual preparation of spray food, which will be available in the corresponding mobile application of the same name, will be quite innovative. The user will be able to virtually mix existing spray products and send this order for its preparation to the nearest spray cafe. The order will be ready before his arrival. You can also place such ready-made virtual meals on your individual pages of this mobile application. It is expected that this mobile application can become a full-fledged social network.
    So, we have a fairly global innovative author’s idea that can be applied to any region of any country. The method of serving visitors is simplified and their method of service is increased.
    This idea applies both to investment and to its complete redemption.

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