• Innovative odor transportation service “O smell”

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    Moderation of the “Innovator” platform confirms that this author’s idea is a bestseller and is aimed at its global development. All this will be described below and the primary concept of the development of this project will be presented.
    So, very often, in conversation with our interlocutors, we use a phrase like “if only we could convey this smell…” or similar phrases of this thematic direction. That is, we describe and discuss the problem when a particular smell remains in our memory, but we cannot convey it and provide it to our interlocutors. And this unresolved question remains with us throughout our lives. It even becomes completely imperceptible, since the problem of odor transfer remains unresolved.
    The author of this idea proposes to create an “Innovator” scent transportation service so that we can, at any moment, order this service and receive this or that scent. Odors will be transported in special containers. In a word, this service will transport air that has a smell from the place where the special container was filled. Standard containers will be small in size, no larger than a matchbox, which will allow them to be delivered to the addressees in the shortest possible time. These containers will absorb the necessary smell and be hermetically closed. Containers can be closed without or with a key. Such delivery can also be made by drones, which will reduce the delivery time.
    Now it will be possible to transmit the smells of the environment, the smells of home comfort for those who are on a business trip or away, or even body odors. Remotely, as an example, the owners of their own chain of catering establishments will be able to control odors in their establishments through their couriers.
    The mobile application of the same name will be able to track the path of the container, since the GPRS unit will be installed as an additional equipment in the container. But the most important task in the work of the mobile application will be the original analysis of the smell that is currently in the container. The smell analysis can be viewed in the mobile application in the form of a color chart. Each color will correspond to the smell.
    This short description of this author’s idea describes the main content of a completely new and innovative service that will very quickly gain global use and rapid popularization.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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