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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    The work of the photo editor “Fototochka” is directly related to the GPS data of the place where the photo was taken.
    The innovative photo editor “Fotochka” will be a separate mobile application that can be downloaded and any user will be able to use it at will. In the description, for example, we will try to reveal the content of the work of this startup.
    The user, having chosen the “Photo” photo editor mobile applications, has the opportunity to take photos and shoot videos with the help of this mobile application. It is no longer news that the photos taken in any operating system are immediately linked to the place of their shooting according to the principle of GPS coordinates. The photo editor “Fototochka” initially does the same thing.
    The innovative component follows – the photo or video virtually remains at the place of their photography on the map, which will be part of the functionality of this startup. The user can open his account to freely view all captured photos and video materials with a map using a special function of this photo editor. All these open photo sessions remain on the interactive “Photography” map. And with a new photo session, any other user, by directing the lens of his gadget to one or another place where there were already virtual photo session locations, can consider all open photo sessions of other users of the innovative photo editor and use the perspective of previous photographers, or by combining his new photo with a photo of another user of this application. This is based on the principle of the game “Pokemon Go”, only here you need to catch or view not fairy-tale characters, but real open places where photos or videos were taken. Also, those places where photo sessions of other users will be opened will be accompanied by a sound signal. That is, in active mode, this application will notify its user about the places where there were photo sessions of other users and they are open. And if it is easier to describe, now it is possible or necessary to “catch” photos and video materials of other users by means of binding to the area.
    This is a short description of the functionality of the innovative photo editor “Photo”. All other comments and a more precise description of the structure of the startup and its content can be obtained directly from its developer, using the contact information posted on the INnovator platform.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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