• Innovative tires “Innovator”

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    The idea is that a number of components are added to the rubber compound during tire production, which primarily affect traffic safety.
    This idea needs to be divided into two stages – directly innovation in the process of manufacturing the tires themselves and new equipment that will be used for the application of innovative “Innovator” tires

    The innovation in the production of “Innovator” tires lies in the fact that special paints are added to the rubber mixture, which react to ultraviolet radiation and the day (day and night). During the day, the tires have a standard color appearance, and at night, according to the principle of operation of phosphorus, after accumulating certain light elements, they emit a glow over their entire working area. That is, the tires light up at night, which has a positive effect on traffic safety and parking safety, primarily in poorly lit areas. And on country highways and autobahns, this technology will show itself, more than ever, from a positive side.
    Also, in the process of tire production, the rubber mixture, together with the phosphoric component, adds paint that changes color under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Basically, the work of this component in red and blue colors is necessary. Below we will describe why this is necessary.

    When braking (when the brake pedal is pressed), the ultraviolet emitters, which are located near each wheel, start to emit radiation. The color of the tire changes from blue to red. This will increase traffic safety, mainly in the dark, because all drivers who drive next to such a car will see the braking maneuver of this car very clearly. Also, the color of the tires will change to red when speeding or when driving aggressively (driving with yuzo, driving with “skid”). The capabilities of this technology include the forced inclusion of ultraviolet radiation, which can show that the car is moving with a breakdown, etc.
    Let me repeat something – we have an increase in traffic safety. Also, to some extent, a fashion trend in the automotive world.


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