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    In this series of author’s ideas of the innovative trade model “INnovator” there will be a series of presentations that will open new directions of trade development, with the help of which, first of all, new jobs will be created both in the field of production and in the field of marketing. The “Innovator” platform strongly recommends that investors pay attention to these author’s ideas, as it considers them quite promising.!
    Alcoholic food products “INnovator” have a very wide range of their development and include a large innovative approach to their quantity. That is, the application of this technology is possible in a fairly large number of food products, and in order not to generalize this presentation, it will be given below in some examples.
    Let’s move on to examples – for example, butter! A certain proportion of alcohol will be added to the composition of the butter, by the way, of a different type. Well, let’s get some whiskey. As a result of the correct technological mixing, i.e. compliance with the original technology, alcoholic or low-alcohol butter with the original taste and aroma of whiskey is obtained. Accordingly, the strength depends on the percentage of whiskey in the oil. A potential buyer, or simply a buyer of this alcoholic food product, having chosen this product for purchase, can use it for its intended purpose. Only the effect of consumption will now be twofold – both taste and mood! Another example is meat and sausage products. Similar approach and similar result!
    But the main theme, which will be the apogee of the development of alcoholic food products within the framework of the innovative trade model “Innovator”, is the development of a network of departments and stores with a narrow focus on the trade of these same alcoholic food products. Naturally, within the framework of the current legislation, the sale of food products of this kind will be made to persons who have reached the appropriate age, since the percentage of capacity of alcoholic ingredients can only be at the level of low-alcohol or alcoholic products.
    Also, in continuation of this idea, establishments or separate departments in public catering and entertainment establishments will be opened, in which both alcoholic food products and dishes from them will be sold. They will be both in a mixed state with ordinary products – for example, in salads, and in a pure form – for example, alcoholic meat cuts.
    So, we have the beginning of presentations of the innovative trading model “Innovator”. Alcoholic products can create a completely new and innovative model of combining food consumption with alcoholic beverages. It is no exaggeration to add that a new culture of drinking alcoholic beverages and food products will appear on the basis of this.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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