• Innovator in matters of protection of Ukrainian laborers in Ukraine and abroad

    The head of the All-Ukrainian Association of International Employment Companies, Vasyl Voskoboynyk, was awarded a Certificate that he is an ideological inspirer, a consistent defender and a leading innovator in the protection of Ukrainian laborers in Ukraine and abroad.

    “There will be a severe demographic crisis in Ukraine after the end of hostilities. There will be a shortage of workers in the construction industry. There is a problem and representatives of business, the government, deputies, and Ukrainian society should be involved in its discussion.

    We will do everything to return Ukrainians from abroad, but there will be a shortage of workers. And that is why Ukraine will be forced to attract labor migrants to Ukraine. And here the question is from which countries we will be able to attract them, on what terms. Are we ready to accept migrant workers with their families, or just to accept them for some small period of validity of a work visa. Everyone needs to think about it now.”

    Together to victory! Together under the peaceful sky!