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    The structure of the “Innovator” platform continues to develop, and in connection with this, a decision was made to move to the side of the media space. The author’s idea of the most innovative network of investments and ideas in the creation of the “INnovator” media block will include the previously described project of the “INnovator” television channel and the new idea of the crowdfunding smart radio “INnovator”, which will be discussed in this presentation.
    So, the innovative media product in the form of the presented crowdfunding smart radio “INnovator” will work in a not quite ordinary language form. The provided language material in this media product will be formed mostly from the listeners themselves. Naturally, all this material will undergo appropriate filtering for the correctness of statements and errors, and after that it will be broadcast. Temporary parameters will be observed only when broadcasting the block of news and presentations of corporate projects as part of the work of the unique business model “INnovator”. The rest of the 24-hour time will be given to ordinary interested users, whose main topics will be voice presentations of their projects and ideas. Hosts of the crowdfunding smart radio “INnovator” will conduct a full-fledged dialogue in real time and help such users present their ideas. Direct radio dialogues will also be organized with potential investors, who will be able to communicate with such innovators, and in case of mutual interest, will exchange contact details for the appropriate development of the presented project or idea. Of course, music blocks will also be present, but they will also be formed by online users with their suggestions for contact details of the crowdfunding smart radio “Innovator”.
    But the main innovative component of the crowdfunding smart radio will be joint broadcasts with other radios. Why is it called a smart radio? It will happen like this – in advance, the smart radio administration will invite other radio stations to conduct such innovative business dialogues, which will increase the popularity of both broadcast radio stations, as the topic of innovative innovations is gaining momentum and has a global growth. The new concept of radio crowdfunding will work according to the principle of a voice presentation of one’s project, but then the work of the crowdfunding principle will end only on online crowdfunding platforms, since there is a financial component in this process. Also, in one of the first radio stations, the implementation of artificial intelligence technology will be started, which will fundamentally change the usual broadcasting of radio content.

    At the end of this presentation, we can add that the crowdfunding smart radio “Innovator” has an innovative organizational approach to the implementation of the main direction within the work of the unique business model “Innovator”. The entire “Innovator” media block has the same working conditions in its work, which will be described in another author’s presentation. Of course, radio broadcasts will be available in the mobile version and FM frequency. It’s a kind of free advertising for innovators and inventors up and running, and a convenient radio platform for investors and crowdfunders.

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