• “Innovator” mobile application for home accounting of clothing and its recommended selection

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    The author’s idea of creating a mobile application, which will be described below and will solve an almost invisible problem faced by a large number of people, mainly the female half, is functionally innovative and promising in terms of investment and global popularization. The home accounting mobile application and its recommended selection “INnovator” is the first component in the line of home accounting mobile applications.
    So, very often there are situations when the wardrobes are full of all kinds of clothes, which we sometimes forget about, and we cannot determine what to wear. Very often, such situations lead to controversial family moments. And even when we understand and remember our clothes, sometimes we can’t combine the clothes for going out with the available personal clothes. This is approximately the presence of problems that we may face or are facing. The functionality of the presented mobile application is quite easy to use, but with a large number of accompanying auxiliary functions. Let’s start…

    First of all, for the full functioning of the mobile application, when buying new clothes, the new user will need to scan labels or take pictures of the purchases themselves. This information will be stored as an archive in the application. Also, preferably, it will be necessary to do with existing clothes. Next, the original functional resource of this startup comes into play. To recommend which clothes are the best to wear today, it takes data about the weather forecast, the presence of events in the user’s mobile diary. It can also ask the user himself about the benefits associated with the planned activities for today. When the answers are received, referring to the internal catalog of the user’s existing clothes, the application provides a list of clothing options that he can wear today. The user can view this catalog in manual mode and determine what to wear, instead of looking through closets for what he has of clothes for today. That is, the task of daily clothing formation is simplified for the user. The mobile app will do it all for him.
    But that’s not all. The functionality of the program will include work with stores that have clothing that is a priority for the user. It will be displayed in advance in it so that the user can reserve it and go to buy it. Also, the priority will be the availability of promotional offers for retail outlets located nearby, referring to the user’s geolocation data.
    The author also suggests that this mobile application may turn out to be like a clothing social network, where recommendations of this kind can be given online by both friends and third-party users, with similar functionality, but with more global tasks.

    Drawing conclusions from this presentation, we can say that the mobile home accounting application and its recommended selection “INnovator” will greatly simplify the life of both an ordinary business person and a fashionista. Now there will be an interactive home account of the clothes of all family members.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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