• “INnovator” mobile beacon of geolocation data of relatives and compatriots

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    The idea is to combine a number of already existing services into one. By the name, you can already determine the main topic of the future startup, the functionality of which will take maximum care of quickly informing its user about the geolocation data of relatives, friends and countrymen. All functional work of this innovative application will be described in detail below.
    So, as already mentioned, there are enough similar services in the world of mobile applications. The author of this idea brought innovation and novelty to this startup, which is why the moderation of the “Innovator” platform decided to present this idea.
    The user of the gadget downloads the mobile application in the usual way – a mobile beacon of geolocation data of relatives and compatriots “INnovator” from any existing operating system. At the beginning of using this program, the functionality will have access to the contacts of this new user. The user only needs to indicate his close relatives and compatriots from the list of contacts. It will also be possible to add a column in this application about priority groups for signaling geolocation data. For example, if the user is interested in knowing not only about the approach and location of his relatives and compatriots, but also about his friends or colleagues from the contact list in his gadget. And it will be necessary to specify the distance from the user to the tracked people so that the startup is fully ready for its work. After that, the program is completely ready for its immediate work.
    So, as soon as someone from the previously mentioned list is approached to the specified distance, the original sound signal will sound. The user will always be aware of the people who are near him and who are of interest to him. With additional settings, this application can send original SMS messages to the person who was “caught” by this geolocation service of its user.
    Another innovative service is that the program will make weekly and monthly reports in the form of a table about people who were in the zone of the geolocation distance to the user. It will be quite interesting to view such a table with the corresponding personal analysis of the location of the previously mentioned people. Also, this startup will be able to provide its user to join forces in signaling geolocation relevant data people through other people who will also have such a mobile application installed, which will lead to the expansion of the collection of such information and the creation of a corresponding social geolocation network.
    So, we have a completely new combination of existing services that will accelerate the modern demands of users and increase their circle of communication.

    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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