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    The “INnovator” platform, together with the author of this idea, presents an innovative mobile program that positions itself as a new way of working with photos in the direction of their transformation. The views of this photographic transformation will be directed towards entertainment and gaming aspects. Of course, all these processes will be described below.
    So, there are already a number of examples in the form of mobile applications, where the captured photos can be decorated in different styles. All these applications and photo editors are quite popular and rapidly growing in their use. In this author’s idea of mobile photo transformation application “INnovator”, this process will be more innovative, which will attract a huge audience here.
    We will show the operation of this mobile program using examples. Standard – at the beginning you will need to download mobile photo conversion programs to your gadget. The functionality of the program automatically uploads the taken photo, for example, your selfie, to its database and offers its user a number of transformations. For example, change the selfie image of this user from a standard appearance to an employee of a medical institution (dentist). Also, in this process, there will be an innovative passage of the transformation process itself – in the form of an art clip or animation. That is, the user will see his transformation in a game and creative style. This kind of photo transformation will remain in the memory of the Innovator photo transformation mobile application, which will allow you to share them in social networks and mobile messengers in the future.
    There will be a huge number of topics for personal photo transformation, which will allow you to collect them in different thematic groups. It will also be possible to make a whole chain of photographic transformations. All this will be offered to users at the beginning of such work with this or that photo. Naturally, the conversion will also be available for photos taken earlier, before the release of this mobile application.
    The functionality will allow you to work with older photos, for example, with black and white ones. It will be very pleasant to transform such photos, for example, those where we will observe a change in the appearance and image of our relatives. Again using the example – our grandfather was a guitarist in his youth, but there is no photo with this kind of image. We will take or scan any available photo of your beloved grandfather and task the photo transformation mobile application with showing a new image of the grandfather-guitarist. What we will see later.
    And much more that the functionality of this mobile application can afford. All of this will be available in a fairly easy-to-use and color palette.

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