• “Innovator” smart baguette

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    More and more smart devices are replacing ordinary things that were hard to imagine in a different way. In this author’s idea, ordinary baguette frames have turned into smart devices that will set a new and fashionable trend in this direction, which will be described below.
    So, new technologies make it possible to place devices with rather large functional characteristics in rather miniature sizes. Baguette smart frames are touch panels of different width and length, which, like ordinary decorative baguette blanks, can be adjusted to the size of a picture or other object with the help of appropriate specialists. When making such a baguette smart frame for a certain size of a picture or other object, a control device is attached to the back of this smart baguette, which will be able to communicate with the gadget. Most likely, the appropriate mobile application for monitoring the operation of the smart baguette will work, coordinate and control all these processes that will take place on its sensor plane. After combining the finished smart baguette with the gadget, the user has the opportunity to place any appropriate images on its sensor plane. The mobile application program can work both automatically and manually. For example, the user takes a picture or photo, and the program automatically displays the color of the baguette on the touch panel, which will optimally combine with the color scheme of the artistic or photo image. Also, this entire procedure can be implemented in manual mode by setting a color palette to your taste on the touch panel of the smart baguette. The mobile application will have a large number of options for both baguette images and ordinary color ones that can be displayed on the touch panel. Images can, with a set delay time, change or simply illuminate a picture or photo. Also, as a separate option, such a smart baguette has the option of installing a video camera, which will allow you to record video or reproduce the broadcast of the surrounding environment in real time. This will be very convenient and promising in art galleries, where the safety and preservation of works of art is a priority.
    Very often, televisions are now placed in baguette frames, both at home and in public institutions. When the TV image is on, such a smart baguette, in automatic mode, will repeat the color palette of this image, which will be emitted by the TV. This will be implemented due to additional cameras directed towards the TV.
    At the end of the presentation, we can add that this idea of the “Innovator” smart baguette is completely new and innovative, which will allow future investors or owners of the idea of this smart device to take its production and marketing to a global scale.


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